Ne1 play guitar/bass?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by roastytoasty4, May 5, 2004.

  1. Whenever I'm stoned I jam out on my bass. I am a player of 4 years and i have some sick funk beats. i just keep going and going improvising and adding new stuff, and its awesome.
  2. i actually play both.. still learning, but i can kick out a jam or a fat bass line.
  3. yea i play guitar, been playin for like 3 years, i love playing high, i think it makes u play better when ur high, my friend said i played this kick ass solo, but i can't remember what i was playing, so yea, it deffently kicks ass
  4. i've been playing guitar and bass for 4 years almost. playing solos stoned....mmm....stony.... i dunno i find more boring. guitar is easy to get into the jam.
  5. ive been playing guitar forever. i cant play for shit when im high lol
  6. got an Ibanez bass and I'm getting pretty good, trying to learn to double thump now. Ive got slaps down pretty well, but when im baked everything sounds like the seinfeld intro when i slap so i play more sober.
  7. Yeah. This should be in the musicians forum.

    I've been playing for like a year and a half now, but I learn quickly I guess. I'm moderately well known here in Seattle for being a shredder, my nickname is "Jake the Ripper", which is fun. I play in a metal band.
  8. moved this thread, wrong forum
  9. ive been playing guitar for about 6 months now. i have an Ibanez that isnt too bad just got these gnarly ass Zakk Wylde signature strings that are thick as hell makes any guitar sound badass. im currently shopping for a Gibson SG though....... oooohhh SG how i love you so.

    guitar and bass stoned is awesome, everything soudns like you are playing some ripping solo or something haha.
  10. i've played bass for 5 years, guitar for 4 years, and drums for about 3. we ought to jam sometime.
  11. I got a Taylor 414rce mmmm shes pretty, Ive been playing for like two years now I think?
  12. Ive played guitar for 3 years, i have a Fender Fat strat
  13. Played drums and bass since H.S. ( many, many moon ago ) And been playing guitar for close to 10 years. But I don't play as much as I used to or would like to.
  14. bass for a little over a year. i rock but i lack overall experience. i can play, but i dont know the notes/cords and stuff. i cant read music or anything but if you show it to me im down.

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