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NE1 have a Pricing Guide?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 1 Eyed Toka Guy, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. i was wondering how much ganja i get when i do

    how much weed do i get with:


    also, how much is an ounce and whats the cost?

    thanks to those whom answer the question and to every1 else, bite me.

    stay SOLID

  2. looks like I'm sinking my teeth in then cause I dont answer jack that the search button can take care of with the greatest of ease.... so where shall i bite???? :mad:

  3. ^ what he said...

    But im gonna give you some advice to start you on your way. Prices vary from region, to dealer. There is no set in stone price for bud.
  4. $80 will get u a gram......on second thought maybe ask someone who knows what theyre doing to pick you up some bud unless u wanna get ran haha.
  5. a gram...? 80 bucks? jeez... in here where i live, you can get 4 grams of coke for that price
  6. ya splifster i think ur getting faken robed and i thought u lived in wisconsin??
  7. Nothing wrong with Wisconsin... except.... Wisconsin ;)

    Prices do vary region to region, but where-ever you go, get connections... this way you are haggle-free and don't get screwed over. Better to be middle-rung than on the bottom fighting for scraps at high prices.


    Spliftster... you're a wisconsinite? What area? I'm in the SW corner by Platteville.
  8. 20-50 for 5 grams
    50-200 for half ounce
    100-400 an ounce
    free if u grow it
    but i do want to meet kimborasta be cause ive got 80 bucks
  9. all about supply and demand in the area and the quality.
  10. i dont know......

    i smokes fo' free.......

    just cop some seeds and grow em......
  11. sorry yall, didnt know there was a search button. bout every time i got on grasscity is when im high.

    Stay SOLID

  12. oh yeah, thanks smokey
  13. weed or hash
    crap or strong

    doesnt matter... no oz go above 80 where i live.
    although shite in quality, i once bought an ounce of draw for 30 quid.

    are the stuff generally more expensive in US?

  14. um... i have no idea what a "quid" is.


  15. DAMN, 80 for an oz????

    i never need to buy, but if i were to, an oz for me would be about 100-150.....where u at???? u got it good, lol......

  16. uh sarcasm... uh jeez... and nah i get yay for 60 a gram buddy boy. i wish 4 grams for 80.. this mofo just stupid so im messing wit him, get a clue..

  17. i can get a gram a yay from 20-50, HA.....but i aint do that shit......i keep it straight herbal.........
  18. nice nice, unfortunately its $60 a gram here. sucks.

  19. As I see you live in wisconsin. but because of that remark I am forced to say......fuck you. I have never seen bud better anywhere (no i have not been to amsterdamn) than in wisconsin. I cant get anything from blueberry to any kind of kush. wisconsin kicks ass.

    and btw, 1 gram for $80??? Man I can get 4 grams for $25, and its bomb shit.
  20. read my other posts, its called sarcasm buddy boy.

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