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  1. Hey GC, Ive read just about every single sticky on outdoor growing as my indoor batch last year was a fluke. Ive decided to revert back to good old nature. I have a spot back in the woods near a running river on a good grassy hill. Now since i grew indoors last year i still have my lights, fan, and other things. I was wondering should I start my seeds indoor and transplant them outdoors? And if i do this i was wondering when i should start the seeds inside and when i should move them?
    I cant seem to find a good grow "calender" on here and was hoping you guys could help out.

    Thanks Nate1728
  2. Yeah it's good to start them indoors if you can't have them closeby outdoors for the first 3-4 weeks. Start after last frosts, which is around march - April in the Northern hemisphere. I start outdoors in beg. May but the Fall frosts are late (mid Nov.) here, Spring frosts end in mid March. If it gets cold in the Fall in October where you are, then make sure you grow an early finisher.
    So start indoors just vegging program in April and take out to your spot(s) in May-June. Regardless of when you start them, the buds will happen 5-6 weeks after Summer solstive (June 21), so in August in the Northern hemisphere.
    You can also grow them big inside, trigger flowering, and take them out in mid July, they will continue flowering and thus give yo mopre buds but you need to time this technique right, and not have them reveg and then reflower when you put them outside.
    Maybe someone will post the exact dates for your region.
    You can also start earlier and sex them indoors, kill males, reveg indoors, and take out vegging females and wait for natural flowering in August. Many possibilities but keep it simple imo.
  3. Thanks a lot corto, Read your sticky numerous times =). Ya it gets somewhat cold here in fall. So i think i will start my babies pretty soon and sex them indoors. Any suggestions on a strain that is better for my conditions?
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    Your welcome,

    Ghs White Widow.
    Northern Lights (Sensi expensive, or other)
    Nirvana Early Misty
    Maggus Early Biddy


    see seedboutique, dr chronic's, attitude.

    Also Sannie Shop: Ierdbei
    And Mandala seeds : Mandala 1, Sadhu, First girl or something (seedboutique).

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