ne one thinks this would be a good growing box?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by johnnyd, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. i am thinkin of using a trash can for a grow box. just flip it over and put in ur fans and lights.

    does ne one think this would work?
  2. wot kinda trash can are u talking about?wots it made of?
    how big?measurements?how many u wanna grow?hps/Flouro's?
  3. i dont know the measurments of the trash can but it is bigger then normal if that helps. i want to use flourecents and need ventalation. the trash can is made out of plastic.

    what is a hps?
    i have heard of them before.
  4. an HPS is a High Pressure Sodium lamp. home depot has a 150w HPS for $45. the trash can is a good idea, but are you gonna use the lid as a base and lift off the whole can for maintinence?
  5. i think i would just set the trash can up side down and put a door in the side
  6. see, i was thinking the same thing about using a garbage can. but, could you not put some 24 inch fluorescent light on the sides? or would i even need a 100 watt hps also?

  7. the only problem with that is pruning is gonna be a bitch

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