Ne one else get real antisocial when high?

Discussion in 'General' started by JaneInMyBrain, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. This really sux i love to get high but most of the time i get real antisocial cuz i think i am doin like real dumb stuff. i wont talk or nething then like after 10 min of not talkin i feel like i cant talk. Like it will sound all fucked up or suttin. I always think people are laughin at me when they arent. And when my friends tell me i am bein completely normal just chillen and i look bored i dont believe them. i get so tense that i like twitch every now and then too lol. My best friend and her sister have the same problems. Do ne of you get this?
  2. yep, I get the exact same problems when smoking in a large social setting..even sometimes in small social settings with closer friends...I tend to over analyze situations and perceive things that aren't really there...whether it be a look that someone gives me that is totally benign yet i for some reason take it as some sort of sarcastic gaze or negative thought being directed my way..this over analyzation gets to a point where rather than just saying what i want to, i think it over and over to the point where its totally irrelevent by the time i get it out..therefor i just dont say it... thats why ive drastically cut back my smoking lately

  3. couldn't have said it better. happens to me too. i don't like smoking in large groups. i prefer just smoking with one maybe two good friends.
  4. i tend to be more social, but thats just me. i may think i sound dumb or look like an ass but i don't care for some reason.

  5. Same here, except I'm starting smoking again very soon! The break was nice and refreshing, but it's time to go back to ganjaland.
  6. shit i luv ur name, jane in the brain.....tight as hell...anyways, im the opposite, well...i always talk when im high, like you can tell if ur acting retarded....i duno
  7. man i hate it when people laugh in the subway or any other public place.. makes me uncomfortable.. and talking when i'm high, it's like I whisper cuz there's the possibility of shouting by accident. i overanalyze stuff too... might be the type of weed though

    shagra's the opposite.. can't shut up lol.. but that's what makes it funny cuz he like won't unless he's distracted by some art, a squirrel, or anything trippy.

  8. Lol thnx :) yah and i get the thing too where you overanalyze what you are gonna say till the point that there is no point in saying it. I used to be real talkative and social then all of a sudden it just happened. I feel better to know that alot of people have it. LOL do you guys twitch too sometimes?
  9. I usually get quiet when I'm high, too...but mostly because everyone else gets on my seems like no one knows how to just sit back and enjoy the high anymore. Always gotta be doing something, and I hate that.
  10. I get real antisocial when high. i like to be in my own home, pretty much by myself. 1 friend or a girl are ok. but no more then that. I can't even have guests over anyway because of my grow. The only people I can have over are my Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, and 1 friend. They are the only people that know about the grow, so they are the only ones allowed inside. lol :)

  11. YES! it freaks my friends out. only happens when i get megastoned and just sit there not moving. if i concentrate on it it gets really bad and people notice, but it's hard NOT to concentrate on it. i hafta basically meditate to make it stop. i think it's funny. my friends think i'm about to die. lol. i heard somewhere that marijuana is a muscle stimulant and that's why you twitch, but as far as i know whoever said that could have been bullshitting. it was just somewhere around the forums here, and a lot of these people make up their own medical theories and such and push them onto other people who think these poeple have facts. sorry for ramblig. i'm leaving. now. bye. :)
  12. i get anti social occasionally, i think it depends on the weed. i have twitched on occasions when super blazed, but i tend to overananlyze stuff too so by the time i go to say it, i thinkits stupid and dont say it. ii used to get it really bad when i first started smoking, now its chill and happens on occasions.
  13. i get antisocial when I get really really high. I'm pretty social normally when high, but when I smoke A LOT I can't hardly talk let alone think of what to say.
  14. Sometimes I'll get pretty paranoid if I'm smokin up with people I don't know too well, but most of the time I know the people I smoke with well enough to trust them.
  15. Yah! lol like ill think im twitchin but i dont think that i actually am. But then i like concentrate on it (not purposely i just get paranoid) and then i really start to twitch and like i can see it lol. lol its such a relief to know that im not the only one like this. also do you guys get to where if you sit and dont move along time that you feel like you cant move ne more? you feel like your like sinking into the chair? lol also what about has your like brain ever felt "tight" or like all fuzzy?
  16. Yeah it's odd, for some reason I just have this unexplainable urge to get rid of everyone around me but my closest friends, but my closest friends make it a lot better. And if I'm with a friend with benefits (falls into the category of closest friends) I enjoy any kind of physical touch a lot more too.
  17. I tend to look at people alot diff when i am high. Like you notice all thier flaws and shit. And i dunno i dont like gettin all intimate and shit when i am high. I just like to chill. Hyper people annoy me SOO Much. Like punk music too it just sounds like a bunch of people screamin when i am high. sounds like no beat or nuttin rap is definately the best!! and some old rock. Just not the depressing ones.

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