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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by scihead, May 25, 2002.

  1. You guys have been a lot of help so far.....so the tips of my leaves are curling under again, but I'm absolutely sure it's not due to an overfertilization problem...let me remind you I still haven't been able to succesfully overcome the ventilation crisis. Also, I have been waiting until the soil is dry, very dry, what's the prob???
  2. sorry,,,a little stoned: I've been waiting until the soil is dry, very dry...to water again...every three/four days.Is this too long for the average temp...80-90 and unfortunately rising.
  3. I am a first time grower but have a little to compare myself to and feel confident.....I failed to mention in my earlier posts that my plants are growing at what seems to be an incredible rate. They are filling in nicely. No other problems that seem to be apparent. thanks.
  4. My plants are growing at an extraordinary rate. I'll try to post some pics soon for you guys...thanks for all the help...it feels great to grow the dank. peace
  5. If you have those high temps,,yes watch the water...and you may try adding (no heat)CO2 to your grow..high temps and CO2 go together well....

  6. Last week you told me to get large candles and set them in coffee cans...well, I don't have large candles or coffee cans..but I do have small candles and coke cans, will this produce co2 semi-sufficiently (efficiently enough?)? How do CO2 and heat work together? Once again, thanks for your time.
  7. simply..C02 is a result of combustion,,,,thusly candles produce CO2....

    In a CO2 rich environment,,,A temperature range from 85-100 deg F ,promotes a rapid exchange of gases,,photosynthesis,and chlorophyll synthesis are able to occur more rapidly,,..


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