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  1. jacksonville. what is this?
    bounce out soon, I hope.
    I've been back for two months, and I think I'm going to leave.
    It's terrible here...for many reasons... V__________V


    friends? x3
  2. [​IMG]

    Didn't understand that, but welcome to the forums anyways :smoke:
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  3. that was a better response than anticipated.
    but thank you. :3 i've been through the forums for a few years now...just browsing.
    what I'm trying to say is that this is a pathetic place to be when you're used to smoking medical for other issues and the product here is absolutely atrocious, mostly. not to mention the lack of chill people...uhhhh.
    I'm just looking for the chill...haha. Because I'm probably moving soon for several reasons, but if I stay it would be lovely to meet good people who actually live out here in the middle of militarynowherezone.

  4. Where? "Here" is GC.
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  5. I'm located in Jacksonville, I said that in my first post... :3
    or were you implying something else?
  6. Nope, just too stoned to realize/too unfamiliar with American geography to make the connection.

    Sorry to hear Jacksonville sucks. :(
  7. I understand.
    And I'm sorry too, that's why I'm trying to leave again. Ha!

  8. Ha indeed. :D Welcome to the forum.
  9. thank you. ^^
  10. Hey you still living in Jacksonville
  11. 8 years old we may never know
  12. And you can't ask for hook ups here....
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