NC seems to be lost in the '50s Reefer Madness!

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    I have posted this on several sites so I thought, why not here also!

    I am curious as to why the state representatives can propose a Concealed Carry Gun Law bill, almost as they say, out of the blue, and nothing is being done to help people with debilitating pain get medical marijuana passed in NC. The medical marijuana situation has been put on hold for several years and we always hear the same thing.

    "Thank you for reaching out with your concerns on Medical Marijuana. It is always important to hear constituent views on issues, and Sen. Harrington thanks you for adding to that community voice. If the issue of medical marijuana is considered during this session, She will keep your position in mind."

    This is an actual copied and pasted, written quote sent to me from Senator Kathy Harrington's office, it is the normal of what we get. There are a lot more people that have medical needs, than people that need to carry guns around hidden and unbeknownst to everyone. I do not understand why there is no one probing into what is being done to further the cause of medical marijuana use in NC. Medical marijuana in NC would appear to be a newsworthy subject, it would surely generate jobs and tax income as it has done in other states.

    But, it appears to be a dead subject. The local news crews will not cover the subject, I know this because I have sent the local NBC (WCNC), CBS (WBTV), and ABC (WSOC) emails asking for them to check into it, nothing has ever been heard back from them. Even the governor, we'll just call him, Mr. Cooper, for now, who when he was running for office stated that he would absolutely support medical marijuana, will not return an email on the subject of medical marijuana. Many residents and myself are wondering if and when something, anything, can and will be done to address this situation. Maybe, we just need to do all that we can to elect all new representatives during the next elections. Because the Representation we have at the present time do not seem to listen to what the majority of the people want and need. So, lets start looking for and making the right choices for our needs!

    Thank you for your time,

    Michael L.
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  2. I heard they were going to pass a medical marijuana bill and then tabled it after getting "an annoying level of support". Straight up dickheads.

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