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Discussion in 'General' started by Rebel, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. hey all i'm new to the area, anyone know of some headshops close to eastern North carolina. currently in greenville
  2. Welcome 2 the City. JOE>
  3. I could only help ya out if you were in the Raleigh/Durham/Greensboro area. Don't know of shit towards Wilmington or greenville. Sorry mate.
  4. Yo! do they still carry pipes at the shops in g- boro, ral. I read some article on google that they took all the pipes from Buhdas Belly or something like that. I was just curious. JOE>
  5. glitters is still slinging peices man.
  6. hmm greenville...yeah you might have to go to durham/raleigh for the nearest headshop but if your heading down to charlotte/huntersville then i could help you out
  7. Where is glitters though? JOE>
  8. Don't quote me on this, for legal matters..........but Buddha's Belly still has "waterpipes" ;) if you ask for 'em. Don't be sketchy about it though.
  9. Nice! Gotta check the inevntory yo! Tanks JOE>
  10. wouldn't mind goin to raleigh for a quality piece, besides wife been buggin me that she wants to go somewhere for the weekend. lemme know sumthin i'm sure i can find it, thnx
  11. when my dad and i flew to charlotte for ozzfest last summer we found this headshop off the same road that ozzfest was on... (verizon wireless ampithetre) they had a buch of deals. plus it was my first time in a headshop and it was with my DAD.... i bought a glass bowl for 15 bucks and it was EXCELENT untill it broke :(

    that had a bunch of really cool bongs in there. alot of them were zong knock offs though
  12. hey all i'm goin to asheboro saturday and will be making a swing through raleigh, anyone know a good place to stop let me know
  13. Expressions and Ripple City I think on 10th street or that area
  14. I forget how far greenville is from Asheville but if you ever come to the west part of NC theres loads of headshops around here with some very nice locally blown glass and shit.

    but it might be far away lol idr
  15. there is one REALLY nice headshop in asheville called Wondersland
  16. how far are you willing to drive? and how far is the boarder to virginia from you
  17. Yeah I go there a lot.

    They've got loads of stuff from good quality bongs/bowls to nice hookahs and stuff. Good deals too:smoke:

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