NC and TX legalization!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by darksmoker, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. I had low hopes in North Carolina's rationality after they passed the anti gay marriage amendment, but maybe soon I can say I'm sort of proud to live in North Carolina.
  2. This is an election year so maybe it will do something. I personally wrote 6 letters to my reps in nc and Im sure a lot more have done the same. Lets see how far they are willing to take it.
  3. Well, Cuomo's election year politics didn't fly in NY, so I wish better luck to you.
  4. Well goodluck guys!
  5. Move to cali we already got over 10,000 dispenaries, cant stop wont stop!!!
  6. Thats to far to drive for me and I refuse to fly with the TSA on the war path. :)

  7. And then Cali breaks off into the ocean never to be seen again...
  8. Texas Williams never get legalizad ira rigor under México
  9. That's to far to drive :(
  10. Gonna miss NC when I move to CO in 4 weeks...
  11. Good luck NC citizens!
  12. Why is this NC and TX, I don't see any news about TX in here :'(
  13. [quote name='"Cocakilla"']Why is this NC and TX, I don't see any news about TX in here :'([/quote]

    That's what I was saying
  14. For real, Texas won't legalize even AFTER federal legalization, he'll they'll make a law just to make it illegal. And even if they don't I know my county of Williamson county will, #1 prosecuting county in the world and over half is marijuana charges. Thats cash flow nikkuhs

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