NBC's Late Night Marijuana Debate 5-17

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    So i don't know if anyone saw this but it was fantastic! This debate showed how weak the arguments against marijuana really are.

    The links are below, but a short little summary is that in one of ABC's debates they brought in NORML director Allen St-Pierre to debate against the Heritage Foundation's Brian Darling. & In short, Allen showed up Brian in just about every point and makes a very strong argument for the legalization of marijuana.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bGy3LNJeKw]YouTube - ABC News Nightline: Should Marijuana Be Legalized? 17/05/2010 Part 1 / 4[/ame] Part 1
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-cEAPVPxPk]YouTube - ABC News Nightline: Should Marijuana Be Legalized? 17/05/2010 Part 2 / 4[/ame] Part 2
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWbLCVjLLPk]YouTube - ABC News Nightline: Should Marijuana Be Legalized? 17/05/2010 Part 3 / 4[/ame] Part 3
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0R-lQ9YgJg]YouTube - ABC News Nightline: Should Marijuana Be Legalized? 17/05/2010 Part 4 / 4[/ame] Part 4
  2. My bad on the title of the thread.. it was abc not nbc
  3. Wish i knew this was on.. i would have watched
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    Their is already a thread about this on the front page, you must be really high.:smoking:
  5. That was fantastic. St.Pierre shot down every argument the guy had. Once the majority of people see these discussions on TV, and see how this guy's argument got destroyed, we will have overwhelming public support for legalization. About time.
  6. that guy arguing against legalisation is the biggest idiot i've ever heard.
  7. all the tweets were pro legalization haha
  8. that dude is so stupid. "We have to have reasonable lines" how the fuck is alcohol being legal not crossing a line that mj is.

    I also liked his fallacy of comparing it to crystal just because they are both illegal
  9. I want to punch that Heratage "Foundation" guy in the face watch this the Normal guy FUCKING ROSTED THIS MAN. in the first 6min's
  10. Brian is turning people to pro legalization, what a idiot.
  11. Is it just me or did that guy look like Eli Manning? :D

    That guy got fuckin OWNED by the NORML guy. He looked like a idiot the entire conversation. Great clips.
  12. that guy related heroine and crack to weed when they're soooo fucking different.
  13. why does he keep bring up heroin and cocaine, that's not what the debate is on...
  14. St.Pierre made Darling look like a bumbling idiot who didnt know his ass from his elbow. Awesome debate, and great national public exposure!
  15. if you are going to debate on tv, bring some statistics, big words and rational thought.

    none of which the brian whatever the fuck his name is had.

    "its illegal now, so its bad" so.... the law discerns good from bad? so... american law must trump all other laws in the world because, our laws are not the same as everyone elses.

    so not only does he make the argument that law is right, he makes the argument that american law is supreme over all other laws.... way to be an ignorant douche fuck who didnt study at all for this test.

    let me chalk one up for the stoners real quick.

    stoners 1
    douche fucks 0
  16. Pro-Cannabis side could have explained things better. He was kind of annoying also. I do not see why these people can't even debate without yelling over each other.

    For example, Pro Cannabis could have said, " Cannabis does not kill anyone. Tobacco use kills "_______" people each year. It is clear that Tobacco, a much more widely used drug is deadly yet completely legal. While Cannabis, which can not be OD'd on and also is Medicinally beneficial is illegal. Not only that, it costs money to arrest and punish people who use Cannabis....."

    I'm sure you get the idea. It is a shame, because part of being on a television interview is the person who people think "won" the debate will gain more support. Not to mention, he could of come off more rational than the Opposing view by presenting his argument in a more suitable way, like not yelling over the Anti-Cannabis side, and taking a chill pill. He seemed wired.
  17. All that you mentioned was bought up.
  18. I wanna punch Brian in the face...all he did was try to talk over them both and repeat the same fucking 20 lines...jesus
  19. - Alcohol and tobacco kill people
    - MJ does not kill people
    - Alcohol and tobacco are legal
    ∴ MJ should not be legal

    Don't you just love how the logic works? :rolleyes:
  20. "Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian"

    Twas a very good argument, however Allen was a little bit annoying with his "Brian" interruptions.

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