NBC's Dateline, CNBC, and ABC's 20/20

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  1. oh snap thats some good shit right there, i cant wait to see all 3 of them. it will bring even more media coverage to the subject.

    i think when cannabis is legalised we will look back at this month as the turning point, the time where it finally started to shift into our favor!
  2. Stuff like that was said in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90,s and throughout the 21st century. Don't get me wrong I'm pro-legalization, but there's nothing remotely special about this month, unless of course it gets legalized this month....
  3. Going to get buzzed and watch them:smoking:
  4. It depends who they interview.

    Maybe we should flood their inboxes with news about El Paso and how the prohibition's empowered the Cartels to murder and mutilate thousands of innocent people and is now threatening to flood over the border and leave trails of corpses throughout the U.S.?
  5. Yea but you gotta admit that it is beginning to take on a new look than the past 40-50 years. Thankfully it is a turn for the better, I would imagine.
  6. i definately have to catch all of these. maybe our message is finally getting out. I hope that in my lifetime i get to light up a bowl in a public place without worry.
  7. You're right --- we need to email NBC, CNBC and ABC BEFORE they air these shows in support of legalization.

    let's move!!!!
  8. yea imagine a world where our leader acually cares about our opinion(i hope), obama is the first presedent who has made a website/voting system like this with a promise to go with it as far as i know. im feeling pretty good about how things are playing out, i know its too early to be sure but it just feels right i dunno how to explain it.
  9. qft! Do it!

  10. Yea it could be different with obama,Or he could just be using it as a front and to make us think he wants to hear us.He's already shown us how much he want's to avoid our questions.
  11. Wow. That's a lot of mainstream coverage right there! Eager to see what these specials have to say. I certainly hope that the relative safety of Cannabis, -especially when compared to alcohol, is touched upon. I think that, along with the potential for showing people how prohibition actually creates the violent drug markets, is some of the most compelling info people could be exposed to. The cases of Mr. Lynch and Ms. Hoffman will certainly show how the drug war has wronged people.
  12. 20/20's sounds the most interesting followed by Dateline's piece, I hope I can see them somewhere online cuz I won't have a TV.
  13. well im pretty sure all the top news networks have youtube accounts and they post all their specials on them, it might not be all of them but i remember seeing one and the account had 3000+ videos, so id take a look at youtube in the days fallowing their premier.
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    Marijuana will NEVER be legalized. Atleast, not in our lifetime. however, there is a very good chance that all of the states will have medical marijuana.

    I just hope whoever they interview knows what they're talking about. I don't want some dumbass to be interviewed and say "whoooooooooooooooooooo legalize marijuana!!!!!!!!!!!!" i want to hear a intelligent discussion about it.
  15. great, anyone see marijuana nation, by national geographic with Lisa ling, she looked high as hell, it could be that she's asain though, and hot.:smoke:
  16. One lesson I've learned in life is to never say something will NEVER happen. I'm pretty sure many people always said we would NEVER have a black president, and well...look where we are now. Our government is like a box of chocolate...you never know...

  17. The time for change is more ripe than its been in years. Just as the economics of the great depression brought about the end of alcohol prohibition, our current economic times might be such that Congress might simply need the money. The potential for sales revenue, job creation, better national security, reduced enforcement costs, and lessened legal system burden are all compelling issues that anyone see the benefit of. Marijuana prohibition makes no sense whatsoever in the current context of legal alcohol and tobacco sales. All people need is INFO to be able to make the right choice. Given that mainstream media is reporting on it signals that people are seeing it as a legit issue, and not just the desires of "stoners" to get high.
  18. i agree with that

    imagine if the war on marijuana ended? i can't even begin to imagine how much the government will save on that.. plus how much they'll make off of weed...
    as much as cigarettes i bet. multi billion dollar industry

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