NBC show Awake

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  1. Anyone check this show out? I watched the second episode on Thursday and it was pretty amazing.
  2. First and Second episodes were gold. If the story continues like that, I'll be hooked.

  3. Yeah man, the tones are amazing (Warm for the Wife, Cold for the Son). Cinematography is awesome. I liked it so much I had to check out the pilot. Everything is falling in line for me.

    I hope this isn't like that show The Event. I was hooked till they brought in off-the-wall shit.
  4. I like the show and my original idea of what was going on was correct.

    His wife and his son are both dead, but his mind can't handle it so he's split between the two. His brain is using both "realities" to put the missing pieces together so he can figure out what happened. I wonder why they had to die in order to "save" his boss though?

  5. I thought his boss had them killed?
  6. Show is pretty trippy.
  7. I've seen 3 episodes (dunno if that's all of them so far)

    I'm digging it

    Like said above, I'm convinced both the people are dead, but also caught on the boss, of his boss, had it done

    I think they are trying to create some sub conscious form of super detective or some shit. And he is being monitored not to prove he is sane or insane, but to see how effective he is and keep secrets from reaching his ears

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