nba team?

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  1. love the celtics!
    any other celtics fans on here?
  2. Green all day!!!!
  3. dude yeah antoine walker is about to have a breakout season
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    why is ur pic a lakers jersey if ur green all day?!
  5. marvicks and miamia heats are cool teams
  6. Denver nuggets and sixers bitches!!!
  7. Besiktas all day every day.
  8. Fuck the Celtics.

    Lakers till I die.
  9. Heat fan since the Tim Hardaway days
  10. fuck the lakers

  11. [​IMG]



  12. Damn, I didn't know Dirk got down like that. No wonder it took you guys forever to win something.
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    Wait, when was the last time you won something?



    Meanwhile, the Mavs have been consistently winning 50+ games for 11 straight seasons.

    [ame=]Miami Heat Welcome Party - YouTube[/ame]

    Suck my Dirk.
  14. Ummm... 2006?
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    2000 whaat?

    Suck my Dirk.

    I really am sorry that you have to endure this Heat team if you've been a fan since the Hardaway era. But I really do hate your team. I can't stand the way they act. I can't stand half the fans. I can't stand this 3 man show that is anything but team basketball. I just despise everything that this current heat roster is about.

    Individually I respect Lebron, Wade, and Bosh though.
  16. Thunder is a team I respect. And quite frankly, I think they are better than the fucking Heatles. They are actually built the correct way which includes depth and size. They also play as a team.
  17. i believe i remember some good hearted shit talking with you during the mavs-thunder series. i miss the nba :(
  18. You are probably going to say shoulda coulda woulda but you know deep down the Heat should have beat the Mavs. They led the series early, the defense was clicking and on paper they were the better team. The Mavs got very lucky from a poor showing by both LeBron and Wade.
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    Um you can go back to the NBA thread and read my posts starting from the beginning of the regular season on why I thought the Mavs were the best team in the NBA. We completely outplayed y'all besides the first two games of that series. No way y'all should have beat us. Our style of play completely compliments the Heat.

    For example, we have the best zone defense in the league.... you know what the Heat struggle against the most? Zone. We would drop into zone for most of the fourth and force Lebron and Wade to throw up jumpers which is the most uncomfortable part of their game. We have 3 7 footers..... How many did the Heat play? 0

    We are clearly the better all around team no if's and's or but's about it.

    I was telling people this all along and have so many lengthy posts on why the Mavs were going to win this year. It's all in the NBA thread.

    Here's a stat for you.... Ever since Lebron has been in Cleveland his lowest scoring average vs. any team in the entire NBA is vs. the Mavericks. Wade did not have a poor showing. He ate us apart like he always has. Lebron, well, he showed up like he always has vs. the Mavericks. Not to mention, we swept the Heat in the regular season.

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