Nba jam!

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  1. I recently brought out my Sega and I have been playing a lot of NBA Jam. I highly

    recommend that anyone has this game do the same. Just turn on some good tunes and

    wait for those magic words...O MY HE'S ON FIRE!
  2. I remember that game. I always loved using the cheats, so the ball was always on fire, and you could dunk from the other side of the court.
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    Hell yes! I remember playing this all the time with my brother on the Genesis.. check the internet for the cheat code to unlock Bill and Hilary Clinton. I'm not sure if you needed a gameshark for that one, or if you could unlock it with the controler, but it is to this day one of my all time favorite cheats. Nothing like having Hilary rebound a brick from Bill.

    Edit: Here you go, a cheat page for the game and all the unlockable characters are near the bottom
  4. spent so many hours playing nba jam in 6th grade
  5. MY god! That was great game! I missed the 90s

    HE'S ON FIRE!!


  7. LOL are you kidding me I've been playing this game and all the Mortal Kombat games for a few weeks now almost daily!

    Just do a google search for "Mame" and you'll open up an amazing new world! Forget the crappy console ports and get Mame so you can enjoy the arcade classics just the way you always wished you could have them at home ;) Pick up a nice Logitech Rumble Pad 2 controller from Best Buy for $30 and it's better than being at the arcades.
  8. I don't remember nba jam, but i used to play nba hang time on n64 all the time. Classic

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