NBA Jam On Fire

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  1. I was skeptical because they released a full retail Jam game a while back, and this is just an arcade game. But I checked it out anyway.

    I'm pretty surprised I've gotta say. It feels like a full retail game for the most part. Massive career mode, a good amount of challenges to earn points with, and a massive amount of things to unlock with those points.

    There are all the usual teams and then there's a whole lot of unlockable teams, including the Beastie Boys, supersonics, ect.. then you can buy new players for teams or the mascot to play with. Plus there's a title/emblem system you can buy unlocks for.. and cheats to buy as well. So yeah, lots of shit.

    I haven't played online yet but I hear it's good.

    But yeah, very solid game. Feels like a full retail game and it still has that classic gameplay
  2. nice!

    i used to play that way back when.. didn't think it was available anymore.
  3. loved it for SNES.

  4. You bring the peanut butter, I'll bring the JAAAM
  5. Yea I love this game, I play it all the time. Playing the silver and gold challenges in the road trip mode is a bitch because the other team just shoves you the whole time. Shoving dudes down and then alley ooping is the way to go
  6. Yeah I've noticed a trend in upper challenges. Like I can be ahead 10-15 points and they just shove the shit out of me as soon as the ball goes into play and instantly steal it and in like a minute they're back with me. And sometimes I'll be doing fine and then instantly start missing every single fucking shot.

    I don't know if the game has a system where AI boosts when you're way ahead or what. I don't quite think that's it because the shit happens sometimes when I'm down.

    Not a big deal though. Though I'm a bit worried about the platinum and boss challenges I hear about...
  7. Hahaha I just unlocked the Republican and Democrat teams. Clinton and Obama can fucking ball.
  8. [quote name='"Mogwai"']Hahaha I just unlocked the Republican and Democrat teams. Clinton and Obama can fucking ball.[/quote]

    Haha yea I got them as well. They have so so stats but they are pretty good

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