Nazi Zombies: Der Riese?

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  1. Anyone here as much of a fan of nazi zombies as i am? If so I'd like to bring this map to discussion. Whats your technique? What weapons do you prefer? I admit I'm completely biased on the topic but I'd like to hear peoples theories behind their strategy.

    On a side note: If anyone here plays and lives in the Seattle area fuckin' message me! I just moved out here and I'm trying to meet some cool people..
  2. I haven't been playing much lately, but I had a phase where I'd be on it a lot.

    My solo strategy was leave a crawler at the end of 4 and link up B. If I have enough for a Thompson I grab that, otherwise I just use the box. I chill at the back until I have enough to link B and C in the same run then it's just all repetitive from there. Start at C teleporter then use it when I'm in trouble then switch off between A and B until the round ends and repeat. My highest doing this is 19.. probably could've been higher, but I got greedy and left the teleporter. I only buy juggernaut if I have a lot of spare money cause I feel teleporting is much safer.

    When I have a team, I just follow them. I used to open and link up ALL the teleporters myself (I hate playing with retards), but started finding it wasn't worth going broke for.

    For weapons, I love the Thompson; ammo off the wall + headshot magnet. For the box I just use whatever and usually only replace my gun when I'm out of ammo or have lots of spare points. My favorites are the obvious ones: ray gun, wunderwaffle, ppsh and the previously mentioned thompson.. and the upgraded pistol (rockets lolol). I don't like the MGs on solo, but I use them with when I have a team.
  3. Sadly i dont have my WAW copy anymore so I cant plauy but i got to level 20 solo before I died.

    First level I shoot each zombie 5 or 6 times in the chest and then I knife them.

    Second level I buy the gewher(sp?) and if you shoot a zombie clean in the face without any previous damage he will lose his head but still walk around. Every second that he walks around without a head you get +10$, so I usually let them walk around for 5 or 6 seconds then knife them. Also in the second level I let the zombies come in, atleast one zombie drops a powerup. If you're lucky it will be double points, nuke is good too but kill all the zombies first then get it so you dont lose any money. If it is instakill dont get it because you will get less money.

    Third round, I still stay in the begining area. it can get slightly overwhelming but you should be able to handle it. I dont do tricks or anything like that in this round because you can become swamped easily. I try to keep on top of the windows but i fall back to the pack-a-punch machine when there gets to be too many.

    At this point you should have roughly around 3600-4000 ( in this area) or if you did really well around 5000.

    Fourth round I unlock the door at the top of the stairs and everything else up to the power switch/ random box area.

    This is where you make or break it depending on what random you get. IMO the Ppsh is the best gun you can get - fast reload, fast rate of fire, and a large clip. The MG42 is a close second, I dont suggest the browning because it has a way too long of a reload compared to the MG42, even with speed. You need either MG42 or PPsh to get far but most of the submachine guns are pretty good. At this point I save up for Juggernog and Speed while just sitting near where the power switch is and buying randoms until I get good guns. Usually around level 7 or 8 I unlock the door behind me and run up to that metal staircase and sit or stand where the random box can teleport to at the end of the catwalk. After I have roughly $12000 (should be around level 10 or 11) I leave one zombie left and run around to unlock all the teleporters and upgrade one or two guns. Be careful when activating the teleporters because sometimes the zombie runs up to the platform and gets killed by the bolt of lightning that appears.

    I then run back to the spot I was before and stand there, the zombies heads usually line up as they run down the walkway so you can destroy some skulls pretty easily. Be careful about the headless zombies and crawler zombies because sometimes they fuck you up. I generally leave one zombie left at the end of each round and run out and buy/ upgrade guns.
  4. good solo tactics. i made it to 30 with my buddy with only upgraded rayguns and reapers haha. same method pretty much as boomyo but i have yet to try out my new method of upgraded pp and wunderaffe! wunderbar! anyways, as in shi no numa, there are 24 zombies a round in the higher rounds. the wunderwaffe kills 10 a shot. 3 shots a round. obviously there is more in this new map. well.. the upgraded wunderwaffe should do the trick. dogs do not get stronger, therefore during dog rounds you should use your reaper. there is a dog round every five rounds, so ammo should be plentiful. i imagine one could get get well into the hundreds this way if they teleported correctly.:hello:

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