Navy Seal - Ultimate Achievement

Discussion in 'General' started by notajew, May 12, 2011.

  1. I have been thinking about the Navy SEALs over the past few weeks, mainly because they have been in the spotlight. I have always felt that being a Navy SEAL is basically the ultimate accomplishment for any human being, and I have thought about how great a life it would be.

    Think about being one. The vigorous training, knowing that 70% of recruits don't even make it, and those recruits are all already specially trained by the military. To me, it seems it is the ultimate goal in life, you are at the top of the top of the world, the top .001% of the world. Your body, your mental and physical strength tops everything in the world. You are the most elite.

    Everybody you know has the most respect for you. You have basically accomplished 'life', in my opinion. Just being a SEAL seems like the ultimate life to me. They are the truest heroes of our nation, and that would be the greatest honor anyone could hold, in my opinion.

    The mental and physical stamina and strength needed to be a SEAL is unreal, they are above what most humans in the world are. There have been tons of people trying to pass themselves off as being a SEAL in the recent weeks, when there really are so few of them.

    The most dangerous situations in the world are jobs for them, and just being able to know that you are basically part of a group that is the most elite in the world would be one hell of a life.
  2. I can beat it, suicide bombing. I mean come on, you blow yourself up, what's more physically exerting than that?
  3. Being a SEAL is a bad ass accomplishment. But there are far greater things you can achieve in life.

    You could be an astronaut. Or the guy that is ordering the SEALs around. What if you have to do some stuff that is unjust?
  4. Ultimate achievement in America.

    Rest of the world, not so much.
  5. ultimate solider, not ultimate human being. i think that's a little naive.
  6. ^Yep, what that guy said.

    I looked up to those guys when I was a soldier, now that I'm a civilian, I don't as much.
  7. They think they are all hoity toity it pisses me off.
  8. It would be pretty tight.

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