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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Roslin, May 28, 2009.

  1. "Nausea is the sensation of having an urge to vomit. Vomiting is forcing the contents of the stomach up through the esophagus and out of the mouth."

    I get dizzy and nauseous from smoking pot? I tend to get it allot lately, the past weeks; I don't underdstand why?

    And my mom just smelled my pot, better bong but more smell; she asked if I has incence or something, I told her candles. I feel so right, yet so wrong. I've taken my xanax, things should be better.
  2. If you are trying a wide variety of strains and smoking methods, and still getting dizzy... then that is just your body's personal reaction to smoked cannabis. Try vaporizing or making edibles. ;)
  3. Try and get your mind off the dizziness. I've been dealing with bad vertigo latley, and sometimes when I smoke I can still notice it, but the weed takes over my imagination and I can get my mind off it, or embrace it since it's been going on for so long. Have you tried different strains?
  4. I've been smoking one strain mostly; bubblegum
    I use a micro bong or a simple glass bong.

    thanks for the replies people :)
  5. Hmm, well I hope it goes away, I got my hands on some ak-47 and man does it help me get my mind off the vertigo
  6. Cig + weed combo always causes this for me.

    You could always smoke more.
  7. This happens to me sometimes. I think it may be related to low blood sugar/pressure.

    If it's only mild nausea I can usually alleviate it by getting in a more comfortable position.
  8. Put your foot on the ground flat and you'll feel more attached to it. Or if you're already doing that, put your hand flat on the ground. Old drunk trick.
  9. Thanks guys, got some great ideas!

    I've started by only smoking one strain now; if I had any real life friends (that would not get in trouble, would like it, etc) I'd give away the rest of my stash.

    Had some infected wounds, they're almost healed now exept one; the nausea is less, not gone.. Going to try and get more fresh air, sitting in my room most of the day can't be healthy. Peace out.
  10. That's strange... Well from my POV anyway.

    If I have bad nausea I always smoke more... Usually fixes it. :)
  11. So, more smoking is an option?

    I got really high from one single bowl last night, lasted hours and hours.. my body has been acting strange with the nausea but - that was kind of cool. Maybe I'm getting freakishly sensitive?
  12. Theres a good chance that your swallowing some of the smoke. Maybe taking smaller hits and make sure you don't swallow.
  13. 1.) How long have you been smoking?

    2.) Are you prescribed to any medications?

    3.) Do you have any other direct symptoms or previous illnesses?

    4.) Did you try smoking in different environments? It possibly could be the result of smoking in a stuffy room with little oxygen.

    5.) Are you inhaling the smoke or do you swallow it?
  14. 1.) How long have you been smoking?

    This winter, been smoking almost daily since February - recently took a holiday and was sober for 2 weeks; been smoking for about two weeks. First some from my old stash, not very powerful; switched back to my current fav strain and have stuck with that for the past week.

    2.) Are you prescribed to any medications?

    Yes, Xanax for anxeity.

    3.) Do you have any other direct symptoms or previous illnesses?

    Hahahaha.. long long list, no nausea though. Maybe the eating disorder (it's an issue, I'm recovering). I've thought about anemia but that would make me more dizzy.. I don't think I'm that anemic at the moment.

    4.) Did you try smoking in different environments? It possibly could be the result of smoking in a stuffy room with little oxygen.

    I smoke on a balcony, for a small room ventilation is not bad.

    Now tell me doc, what's the result?
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    Sorry for taking so long to respond, I had to pick up my nephew from school. I was leaning toward anemia as well.. I used to suffer from an eating disorder myself and after changing my diet the dizziness and nausea went away. You very well could be having mild symptoms, try eating foods(or take supplements) high in Vitamin C and Iron. I have heard that taking a cold shower before smoking can help too.

    If you show signs of constipation, you could be getting nauseated from smoking as well. Daily fiber supplements will combat this. If your family has history of being prone to GERD and you get frequent indigestion you may want to seek a doctor. These are all common disorders which will cause nausea when smoking.

    Try taking smaller hits or taking in more air with your hits, keeping water by you, making sure both feet are flat on the ground, or smoking from a bong, preferably with ice.
  16. It's all in your head. I used to get nauseus but just try to push it out of your head and enjoy yourself.
  17. I usually get nauseous, but I also have something wrong with my blood pressure and I get motion sick. I sometimes feel motion sick if im moving around too much. Sit down and drink some water.

    Also, I used to take giant hits and end up swallowing some smoke. that sucks. take smaller, quick hits.

    best of luck.:wave:
  18. ^Also a viable answer.. The mind is a very powerful thing. Most times when you're expecting to get nauseated and focus on it you'll start to feel symptoms. I'm sure you've heard of hypochondriasis -- All of us have a side of us that constantly worries if there's something wrong with us, you have to figure out how to keep it out of your mind.
  19. Thats just your body my friend. Maybe if it makes you vomit the herb is not for you.. ever think of that?
  20. I know what you mean. I took a fat rip out of a gravity bong a few weeks ago and was just trippin balls. I got really sick after a hour and started throwing up from it.

    I think it was a mixture of dank bud, the gravity bong, and me smoking in a new spot that fucked me up so much.

    Water helps

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