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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BengalGirl, Dec 7, 2022.

  1. My hubby was a heavy user in his youth. Hasn't had anything in about 35 years. He recently tried some to help his chronic pain. He got so nauseated! After one puff on my vape. So far, we've tried an indica heavy, which the nausea was worst. Then tried a 50/50, nausea lessened. Then he tried a mostly CBD... Same result. It really helps his pain and sleep so he wants to keep trying to find something that works without him feeling really high and nauseated

    Any ideas? Thanks!
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  2. maybe have him ingest some ginger with the cannabis ... even a few whole peppercorns may stop the nausea .. recently seen a report of using a cotton swab with a few drops isopropyl alcohol to reduce nausea , just breath it in when that happens ... Good luck . oh, does it matter if a meal was consumed prior or would that possibly make it worse ??
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  3. Thanks for the tips! It doesn't seem to matter if he uses with a meal or not.
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  4. cannabis tends to help people with nausea but the same mechanisms could also cause it for some people . certainly cannabis is one of those multi use, multi effects type of medications .
    Also, you may find better help posting this in the medical section as people with medical cannabis knowledge and possibly also nausea related issues with the medication and how to get around that could help you there ... Tinctures and edibles are another way to medicate with cannabis and many ways really that may provide relief without nausea ... problem is each time its an experiment and your Hubby is the one being experimented on and it would be the same way with the doc, trying to adjust things in the patient etc... with compounds ingested ( drugs) .... I Wish you and he the best
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  5. The only time I felt nauseated was after having too much, or mixing it with alcohol. Maybe the vape is too much for him? Try a little pinch in a pipe or bong until his tolerance goes up. If vaping is the only option, maybe try turning the heat down?
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  6. Very possible he has CHS So if that's what it is you'll have a little recourse on fixing it as there's no cure or real remedies for it right now, just abstaining from cannabis use. Only from what I've read this appears mostly in heavy users but you could have something internal going on where it's not agreeing with him.

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  7. If you have access to fresh green dried bud. Grind it up fill some "0" size capsules and ingest one. This will give him THC-A. It is not psychoactive. But, it will help with his pain. The bud must be fresh dried and not old dispensary bud as all weed slowly decarboxylates over time.
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  8. Doctors believe that CHS develops over time and with heavy use. Digestion is regulated by our endocannabinoid system and they theorize that the phytocannabinoids we ingest with cannabis can negatively impact how we digest food over time. Signals to sphincter muscles are interrupted, slowing or even stopping the movement of food through our digestive tract. What won't go down, must come up - thus the excessive and constant vomiting. Nicotine happens to make me physically ill without fail, until I fight off that feeling and my body becomes accustomed to it. Maybe pot in any form will do that to him, just because he's unique. I wish it weren't so and that I had something to offer, but I'm stumped. My wife is similar - she just doesn't like how it makes her feel and she has no interest in exploring the possibilities.
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  9. Update.

    So we got hubby flower to smoke the old fashioned way a pipe. LOL. The strain is mostly CBD, very little THC. Helps his pain... Not as much as higher THC product. It also helps him sleep. He did have nausea the first few times but it was mild. The nausea has been lessening ever since.

    I'm thinking maybe it's just an adjustment process for his body? Maybe it was over stimulating his ECS but now his body has adjusted to it. Regardless, he's getting some pain relief and rest... And it makes us both feel better!

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  10. Now that's some good news. Wishing him continued success.

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