Naughty's Back...Dinafem R.H., Afghani and Sandstorm 600watt closet go!

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  1. a shot of the clones in straight coir...they are all between 2 and 3 days from the cut...

    a group shot looking kinda full in here...


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  2. to repot or not to repot...not really concerned but should have done much better planning on flowering this ghani in a 2 gallon bucket...we have seemed to run out of our Mg supply...the only thing i can do i suppose is treat with CalMag going out since i am not to keen on having to water with epsom salts every other watering or so...i have done some foliage spraying...but unsure on how this is working...ill be near a hydro store today..a bit pricey for my taste, but oh well...need to grab a couple of things....

    i also need to repot the other 2 that i put in the room yesterday it should have been done but i got all kinds of lazy and pretty much just watched movies all day:rolleyes:

  3. sounds like the Ghani would be happy in a 3 gallon.

    also, you can even mix epsom salts into your oil for application rates, i have no idea...unfortunately

  4. I think I'm going to have to agree with is definently not set for a 2 gallon...if it were a clone probably would work I'm still early into flower so a repot is still viable..only problem is I only have a five gallon container. Not a bad thiing but undecided...I picked up some calmag so ill switch to that for now and leave the epsoms out...I was also wondering if I could add directly to the mix but again no idea per volume of coir...I do have to other seedlings I am currently experimenting with to test the limitations of the coir...I have one recovering plant that should be dead but has come back to is just sitting in straight coir watered with between 5.7 and 5.9 phd and its taken several weeks but we are reverting from yellow to green
  5. well got a chance to get some pictures...not the best but they get the point of my close up shots unfortunately does not show my pistils very well, but if you look hard enough you may see them...these are flowers for the ghani...the epsoms treatment over the last 2 days seems to have worked, but i have calmag now so I am going that route...

    this is my zombie plant...i am calling it a zombie because this thing was dead for the most part....look at how bad it was and now its turned green again...i have learned that some of these strains dont like a large intro to marine cuisine...i will repot this one in the next couple of days and introduce mc again to see how it takes...

    here a shot of my sandstorm...I cant wait to hit her with the light as she is, i think she really needs it

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  6. Haha, zombie plant FTW!!

    I bet that will be your best harvest, you just watch...

  7. lol i swear this thing was dead...i pulled it up from its last pot because before this fiasco it was doing extremely well and then it just started burning up...the funny thing is when i did hydrated my last coco brick with distilled water, just for shits and giggles i wanted to test the ppm per the packaging material, this stuff reads pre-rinsed of all runoff tested at over 900ppm which is ridiculously high....after re-rinsing it, i got the ppm read out down to 106 which seemed to be the best i could get it at....that is what this thing is currently sitting in, just straight coir rinsed down to 106 ppm and it has taken off...

    i have a lot of shit to do today...i have hydrating of bricks and repotting...I am strangely concerned as to where all the ganja smell is blower pulls my door shut with such force, i have to fight it to get it open i am pretty sure that the smell is venting right up into the attic....i cant even smell my fermenting plums and these things should be stinking up the closet...i guess i need to crawl into the attic to see if this is where the smell is hanging out... i have gone out on the street and cant smell a thing...i had a house full of people over on saturday and no one said a concerned....
  8. I also have another seedling sitting in straight coir...i have allowed it to stretch pretty bad, but it has not burned or stopped fact, it appears to be the best growing seedling that has exhibited no if I could only remember how old it was still on its on first true set so I its probably about a week or so...but irregardless to the fact, i have no amendments applied to the coir its in now, but will move it over to a one gallon and introduce it to 1 tsp of marine cuisine and see how we do with that.
  9. Tell ya what... that is a very healthy looking garden naughty! It looks right on the money man.

    On the stink, I had a similar puzzle this summer. I was actually dumbfounded by the lack of aroma. I don't know for sure but I was wondering, in my case, if it wasn't simply because of the volumes of fresh air I was pouring into the room. You know, like 'dilution' of the stink molecules something. It was weird but a very good thing. More fresh air equals more better I reckon.

    Peace and looking good dude!
  10. thanks a million man! i suppose this shit is like riding a bike, lol...appears its all coming back in bits and pieces...:D

    it is confusing because i know for a fact one of the ghanis smell like a pure hash plant and it is powerful and not even flowering yet...but in the closet the smell is minimized lol but i suppose nothing to complain about... i did have a new roof put on this summer and they put ridge vents thinking its being drawn through those and is floating 40 feet above our heads and dissipates...
  11. i need to get in the attic...this shit is killing me...ill report back later
  12. went up into the attic....didnt smell a thing but could feel the air venting out through the ridge vents...

    crawled back into the closet...smelled everything if i stuck my nose on it...

    even caught a small hint of the wine...

    i don't know what the hell this is, but i will take it....only time i have had to run that scrubber is when i had the other plants under the cfls...

    a couple of quick shots i got...this is of the royal haze...finally throwing some worthwhile pistils

    a shot of the garden...i cant even tell if this is one plant or two lol

    and a pre-flower shot of my ghani

    and it appears the last rogue afghani is also a female....5/5 from seed...2 femenized...not bad

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  13. I'm a bit confused and somewhat lazy ATM so if you don't mind restating the answer to the following questions. I'm impressed by the short, tight, internodal branching on both the RH and the ghani.

    What is the ratio of the n-p-k you think/know you currently have in the mix and if you're using cfl's right now how many, what spectrum and yada, yada. There's plenty of anecdotal evidence abounding regarding how to induce these growth characteristics with plants so I'm just curious how what we're seeing with your garden dovetails with that. :)


  14. thanks again man...i contribute the short spacing from my days of lst obsession lol...found a better way through topping...for years i would have never considered it until i checked out one of AskEds experimental grows...blew me away and re-inspired me to make use of available materials that i was using for other applications....basically i was getting back into the hobby and had a shit load of coir bricks and never knew i could use them for a grow.

    but back to the spacing, i use a combo of 4 cfls 26watt cant recall the lumen and a 18 inch dual shop light with mixed spectrum floro tubes...its a ghetto rig n a half, nothing pretty at all, but works lol

    in this picture is everything that i use...well the calmag is a new addition...but so far this has been it...not else...i mirrored Eds formula and after much early failures made some minor changes reducing the amount of marine cuisine per gallon of coir...i found that every single plant that i added 3 tbsp of coir per gallon reacted terribly...i dont have ro water so my phd tapped water could have been an issue with that along with high salt content for not having a proper tds I have sinced reduced the amount of marine cuisine to 2 tbsp per gallon of coir and use 3 tbsp of dl for veg.

    looking closely at my dl and the analysis...plenty of calcium it appears, but not enough Mg....well not for the long periods we need it...
  15. I wasn't able to see those pics you posted but you're probably familiar with the observational theory that more of the 'blue' spectrum light tends to force shorter internodal branching. Others also advocate for a lower ratio of N in relationship to K (possibly P as well) during vegetative period will also aid in preventing elongation and thus promote lateral branching. Just a couple of aged theories that have been around for a while.

    No doubt your trimming has had an impact as well. Great job so far man! It really does look sweet! Gonna hang with you to the end :smoke:
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    yea seems the city is a little buggy today

    thats what i have always gone with...appears the theory is correct...i have never vegged to flower only hps...wrong light spectrum...and a waste of energy in a sense...i suppose going straight from seed to 12/12 would be an only benefit and possible...nothing i would do unless i was fuckn around lol
  17. got the afghani repotted in a 5 gallon...that was a bitch...never again lol...its going to take a day or 2 for her to get sorted, but should have planned better, i also repotted my other afghani from a 1 to 2 gallon bucket where she will stay...sorry for that abuse...but its the best i can do for now...

    i also top dressed the sandstorm with a tbsp of marine cuisine and treated her with the calmag...will see how that pans out...expecting things to turn around...

    had a problem with one of my a dumbass put them closer to the veg station and one fell over...i pulled her up after making room in my aerogarden and replanted her in the garden...believe it or not, just cut this thing friday I believe and it is already showing a root...!!!
  18. Lookin' great man. Afghani is one of my favorite strains, but I'm also loving your plum wine. Nothing like smoking your own ganja and drinking your own brew.

  19. thanks man! it was a funny thing about the wine...a co-op buddy of mine and i were sitting on the deck drinking some home made wine and we kinda toyed with the idea of the co2 production that went into as a side experiment i said why not?

    so many greats have derived from the Afghani strain...pure winner in my books!
  20. snapped some photos for this morning...the feminized RH is a hermie...kinda bummed but thats the roll of the dice...i have managed to pull off whatever balls i could find (not that many)...they were mostly on the lower branches and very distinctive...i think i may have got them all but will risk keeping it in the closet....

    the calmag treatment seems to be quick as far as visually being able to tell a difference...earlier this morning when I looked at my sandstorm, she was still a little pale, a couple of hours later, i can see she is starting to green up a bit!

    she was probably a little hungry also...the marine cuisine added as a top layer should help her out also

    and here is the hermie I said everything nasty was found on lower branches...nothing up maybe i just pulled pistil pods, lol...not taking chances...

    and a shot of the afghani...she is doing really well since last nights transplant...appears she has not skipped a beat

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