Naughty's Back...Dinafem R.H., Afghani and Sandstorm 600watt closet go!

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  1. those plums are going!

    stuff is looking good! are you planning on throwing a screen up to keep the plants from growing into the lights?
  2. naughty, your garden is looking good bro. I love the short stature of the plants and the profuse lateral branching. That's such a good sign no? IDK man I'm just gonna throw this out there since you're a veteran of The City and I am not ... are you gonna give sm00ve a run for the money LOL! :D

    Looks great dude!

  3. yea the plums are finally going...think im going to put a screen over it...its fine if it stays wide open but that blower pulls my damn door closed I can only imagine what has dropped into the stew lol

    have not considered a scrog of sorts because these are not clones...and if i should happen to have a problem i can deal with it individually without locking myself up on a screen...i am still new to coco so until I get this shit completely dialed in, will probably avoid a scrog for a bit...but i do love them...!

  4. lol Poss thanks dude! i only try...i have not grown in over 5 as far as giving anyone a run yeah right lol...ill just be happy to get through this next week with the sandstorm and the 3 i have in flower!

    to tell you the truth i dont know if the lateral branching is a good sign or not...what i can tell you though is no one of these plants have taken off like a suspected male previous grows from best fastest growers have always turned out males...i do see an indicator on one...the feminized its done what its supposed to...the other feminized actually i take that back...found a small pistol...the questionable...but from its short stature and not taking off in flower and the single suspect pistol i think i have found, i think its a girl....

    on another note....the sandstorm has stopped yellowing....i dont know what the hell happened, but just went in and took a look and it looks nothing as far as color is concerned as the picture i put up this morning....think i may have figured something out here....but wont know till i plant another from seed...

    for tomorrows task...clones of the RH and to see if i can make them prettier than this mother had ever been lol
  5. well the Sandstorm has taken a turn for what appears to be the good...the yellowing has reversed and even though it looks a little yellow in this picture, it is actually turning green again...the flush seems to have worked out...looks like it has even grown a little!

    and a quick group shot of what appears to be the ladies on the one plant has stretched more than the other...besides the small pre-flower indicators, I am feeling confident...the afghani being mostly indica is showing different looking preflowers...i see the pods...and maybe a small hair or two inbetween the nodes...will take a couple more days to show more...the plums in the corner are in full fermentation process...co2 should be generating

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  6. that sandstorm is looking much happier!
  7. yea she is...i thought i was imagining it, but it has turned completely around in 24hrs...glad i caught the salt build up before any serious damage was getting a good feel for this coir...looks like it needs a good flushing every 2 weeks or so when they are younger...once they hit that 4th node, they seem to be alright.

    I am not sure what i am going to do with the mess in my aerogarden lol...i want to move those jalepenos, but not sure on how to maintain them in coir...the basil seems to be a lot more responsive...
    what i really want to do is to put a clone in this thing to see if i can get it to work...i dont have anymore of the little rooting things that came with it so i just shoved some coir in one and a seed to see if it would pop...if it does then i dont see why a clone wont take...

    took some clones off of the ghani...i love a clone of the rh to my buddy...he can have that problem ridden bitch lol

    and here is a close up showing those pistil but all the least pre-pre-flowers

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  8. took a third clone from that ghani...and will mostly take a fourth today, I am eventually going to clear the jalapeños from my aerogarden and move it into my flower closet to do its thing...its too big in the aerogarden doing much better than expected...what i want to do is take a cutting and put it in the garden to see if it will take...looks like this will be next focus for the next 2

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  9. the reason why I am taking these clones because I love short flowering this plant is the only one grown from seed that has not given me a load of problems in this coir....the RH on the other hand thats another story...I am starting to wonder if Sativa doms require a different regime than Indica doms?

    The sandstorm looks like a completely different seedling coming back strong...I will get a pic later on...and I can honestly say I have 2 of the healthiest looking plants that I have ever grown and i would love to give a special thanks to Ed and Mrs Ed for introducing me to coir and to marine cuisine!:D
  10. Back for a bit before running off again...but managed to get some quick shots...checked on the clones and thought they would be droopy and shit but they are all perky and happy...must have done something right...then again..that ghani is a beast in coir...

    here are some quick shots...this shot of the ghani is by far the best i have ever produced in flower....

    heres all 3...the fermenting plums seems to be working out relatively well...idk...they just seem so green...sorry hps is on

    seriously got off track here...just found out i have two disc jammed into my ps3...not very happy about that...but heres my sandstorm
  11. this plant smells like pure hash....:D putting into flower tmrw with a pot transplant...its time

    same plant from above...i think i will top going fwd...i used to lst but i like this better

    and the other one that has a main stem as thick as a sharpie marker...from this picture some slight yellowing on the new growth...epsoms treatment should take care of that

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  12. Hell yeah Naughty!! I'm a little late to the party, but I made it :)

  13. welcome aboard man! its been kinda empty in here lol...

    went on ahead and put those two plants in the pictures from last night under some hps for the day...i will mix up the coir mix for their flower run later on today and perhaps get them in tonight if time permits...if not then they will start tomorrow....i would be pretty damn impressed if i hit 5 for 5...i knew only 2 of these to be feminized...but 3 were 50/50...shit the one i swore was going to be male turned out female so there is lots to be excited about that...

    i can tell you one thing, lil ms stinky smells of pure hash and im loving every moment of it! and its not even in flower yet...i feel confident its a female judging from smell alone...

  14. Hey man. I'm very interested in your technique. I don't have time to read your whole J. but I'll get around to it. I love the idea of fermentation.

    Do you see any issues with mold? I'm surprised that bucket's not 1" thick of blue mold.

  15. no blue mold...just a breakdown of the fruit creating natural sugars and in process producing co2...the real fun starts when I strain this bucket and add my own sugar for the second part of the fermentation process...should be right in time for when the flowers start getting a little bigger :D
  16. Haha, wow I didn;t mean to post that here. It was supposed to be in my journal. That explains why it didn't show up after I posted it. HAHA

    Fuck, I gotta quit posting while stoned.

    So how is it that you don't have issues with mold? What are you doing to curb it? Or am I missing something.
  17. No prob dude...kinda figured but gives me something to look forward to :D

    the ghani is magnesium hungry, rolling her leaves in defiance...i watered her yesterday before catching this will take care of her tomorrow morning...i also pulled 4 more clones from her...i love this plant :D

    for shits and giggles made room in my aerogarden for a cutting...she seems much happier with this setup then when i had her in the straight coir...i mean im sure she would have done fine but this is the smallest cutting i have ever taken

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  18. neato! should be shooting roots in no time. do you just have distilled water in there?

  19. yea distilled...its doing pretty good...its all perky and happy in the lil garden :D
    and i have a total of 7 of these girls cloning so i guess i will roll these out along with the sandstorm when its time...

    oh yea got another girl in the closet also so that brings the total to 4 out of 5 from seed...standing by to see what the other one will show...i cant get lucky with 5 for 5...
  20. any opinions on general hydroponics bioweed? 0.2-0-0.3 sounds good to me

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