Naughty Girls pictures!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by naugthygirl_69, Jul 10, 2002.

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  1. not there =(
  2. its not working girl
  3. Nope! Nuthin! R u hot?:D
  4. [​IMG]

    if you are sending pics of you & your garden of buds ok ! if your using this sight for pornography you got the wrong sight !! where are the moderators ? oooohhhh their men go figure !!!!

  5. Sorry for being so slow to move the thread, intresting thread though ;-)

  6. was this porn? if so, ew.

    if not, sorry for the trashy assumption but the pics didn\'t work either way.

    and hey, patch!!! i\'m a .... teeny moderator ... for the music forum at least... and i\'m a girl.. and amanita\'s not a dude, as far as i know ;)
    and she runs a FEW forums. and the men on this site, oh i love \'em all like family, i know they\'ll take care of us eventually! give our moderators the chance to reply. but yeah, this sounds like it belongs on or something, rating pictures?? lol :D


    p.s. i\'m sitting here stoned... speaking of, do you really think people hook up on that thing? i get stoned and rate people for hours, and it humors the hell out of me that people take it seriously... am i the only one? the ones that crack me up the most are the girls who try to shove their boobs into the camera, or the dudes who have their shirts off.. wtf?! ok now ya\'all know how i kill my time other than this board :D

  7. As a moderator I agree with critter. If they have cloths on and are not showing any nudity, then I don\'t see a problem. If nudity is present then we must delete the pics.

    The people on this site are supposed to be adults and we all have the right not to look or respond to any post.

    I believe we can all share with the world with out judging others.

    Gajaphish we all love and respect you too. Thanks for giving us MEN the benefit of the doubt!
  8. hmmph...

    ya gotta love \'em :)

  9. I second that hmmph!!!!!
  10. as an 18 year old guy, hormones are still somewhat boiling :D...ahh, but, maturity creeps in as well..i hate to admit....but anyway, yeah, were all adults here, if it gets your proverbial panties in that big a wad, then just dont look...and i know how some of you ladies feel pertaining to another post around here somewhere, and i understand as well, but the lashing out...grrr...personal hangups maybe...i dunno....i guess im just a sexist bastard...not dont think that of me...yall have read my posts ...i hope yall think higher than that of me....stoned..sorry..sad..lonely..want to burn ex girlfriend...twice...spleen good
  11. dont be so hard on yourself critter, its great, cant please everybody all the time...or however the frig it goes

  12. Critter my friend as moderators we can only do what WE feel is right. You are a good moderator and friend to us all. Keep up the good work and share the love around the world.

    Sending good karma to ya CRITTER! CRITTER2, POMPUSASS as well!

    G\'day mate

  13. geez critter take a joke! i was teasing Bud Head about me giving MEN another chance.
    you are disappointed in us girls, why? because we have a moral conciense(sp) to say, hey, judging women for their bodies in a somewhat piggish manner is wrong? what would you think if i stuck my rack up here, would you guys be happy about it, or think less of me? Personally i\'d think less of myself. I don\'t define myself by my body and don\'t see why any woman would want to be. i guess i just expected more from ya\'all(i.e. the responses on another thread), and if you read my posts i do say that there\'s no reason to delete, and actually AGREE with you critter on that matter. I don\'t care if girls stick their rack up here, fine, I think it\'s tasteless, but do I have the right to make the sole decision that it doesn\'t belong here? No. But can\'t i have my opinion as well and express it like you all are doing too? isn\'t that what Pandora\'s Box constitutes, a free-for-all?

    Nowhere did i say the moderators aren\'t doing their jobs, maybe someone else did and you\'re lumping me in with them, but I NEVER would say that because I think we\'re all doing a GREAT job. stop being so defensive!! i never said you were doing a sucky job, that wasn\'t even my point of my postings. this is a great site, and i enjoy it 100%. but like i said in another post, don\'t expect me to sit back and smile and be happy about men judging women solely on their physical appearance.

    I don\'t have any hangups about myself or anything, it\'s a pet peeve of mine, because i truly think women deserve better than that. There are SO many women with eating disorders, and other mental illnesses simply BASED ON THEIR PHYSICAL APPEARANCE because of what society has trained them to think. I think it\'s the saddest thing in the world, and I hate to see it being encouraged here, that\'s all.

  14. Now, I just got all upset in another thread about someone not being happy with you and damn if you aren\'t talking about the ones that are defending you in that other thread.

    Critter, the mods aren\'t an issue at all. You guys kick ass all day, every day!! You have to go in and clean up our messes and try to keep us from over-expressing anger and being too vulgar.

    The issue is about self-respect for the most part. On the web in a marijuana community. We\'ve been spoiled by not having to deal with something along the lines of personals.

    I look through my husband\'s Playboys and other mags that I have subscribed him to. So, I have no issues with women showing their stuff. Hell, I show my stuff from time to time and have every reason to be confident in doing so but I\'m not going to advertise my tits and ass or whatever else in such a pot community. Especially, the very best one on the web!!! Check out the responses when people post pics like that. It\'s isn\'t that far from appearing like a meat market.

    Critter, I luv ya man and I really don\'t want you to feel that you were ever under attack. I will probably lose sleep until I know we are cool. I mean that.

    No one was really under attack, but like we all say everyday here at the City, we are all entitled to our opinions. That is the point of threads.
  15. it\'s too bad everyone is so upset. there aren\'t even any pics on this thread to be seen!!!!

    i agree that this is not the site to be looking for - not love - lust. there are a million meet your match sites out there that would more than love to see some nice T & A. but i think in grasscity we would rather see some nice green buds and towering plants.

    lately everyone seems to be PMSing. it\'s really too bad cause you all have got great laughs.

    can\'t we all just get along?
  16. I love you guys ;)

    just wanted you to know
  17. I come here to have a laugh, a smoke and enjoy the fact I can chat with people from all over the world from the comfort of my own home.

    If the subject is Boobs, Buds or God himself, I really don\'t mind. I\'ll dribble shit about anything....joining in is part of the fun.

    Moderators, your doin\' a fine job. I\'m a chick (adult chick!) and I haven\'t been offended, and beleive me I can be. If anything I\'ve had a good laugh!!!
  18. Naughtygirl probably made that link sent to a non-working one on purpose to see all the fuss it would cause, this is her last post, probably died laughing, look what you all have done!
  19. I just read this thread ..I can\'t believe how easily,and quickly it veered out of context...

    an insecurity seems to have presented itself.....and bloomed!! you think naughtygirl...was discouraged away from the site??

    I can tell you this...I talked with her in PM\'s....seemed like a pretty outgoing college girl,with no harmfull intent,out having fun with life,thought finding this site..pretty cool,probably had no idea introducing herself,for whom she was,or appeared. a problem...I wonder if she will return....?

    tough call....we\'ll see..

    the pics I saw were not all...pretty girl>>

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