Natural Way to avoid grasshoppers for your MJ

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DevilRed, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. So I got thinking after checking my plants out.

    I realized that deer, grasshoppers, mice darn near anything loves to gobble up a new sprouted MJ plant. But once they get a little older, 12" plus as much stuff doesn't seem to bother them (at least mine anyhow).

    I wonder, is this because the plant begins to not taste as good as it matures, or because as the summer progresses the critters find other things to eat, etc. Maybe the bugs are not eating anymore, molting or breeding or something, unno.

    As far as grasshoppers, I found they don't eat certain natural weeds or grass, but will gobble up a little MJ plant. So I looked for a place with no grasshoppers. I found anyplace that is not just packed with grass seems good, sugar beat field, corn, wood plots, etc.

    I planted two plants about 3 rows in, on a sugar beat field, the rest in the tall grass along the field to hide them this spring. The ones in the grass got gobbled to hell, the others.....growing big and strong.

    So anyhow, keep your plants out of the grass and odds are you will have less g' hopper problems.

    I guess this might seem obviouse but it wasn't to me this past spring and I got cleaned out of a bunch.
  2. If it works, (don't see why not) that is a great idea. Im gonna try that shit.
  3. Nice trick! I will do that one myself next season, my plants for this season are already big now so they arent geting eaten any longer.
  4. I just use sevendust myself, but I've been told by a vegetable gardner that a small drop of Lemon Joy in a spray bottle will repell all insects if you lightly mist the plants regularly.Haven't tried it though.I believe marigolds are a plant that naturally repells insects also.

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