Natural Silica Supplement?

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  1. Silica.
    With all the benefits I have read and seen on here, I without a doubt want to supplement it in my feedings, but I have no idea which brand to buy. Please, correct me if I’m mistaken, but I believe silica is an inorganic (therefore simply cannot be organic i.e. perlite), but I am looking for the most natural source. I am trying to keep a completely natural and organic soil, and I’m not really fond bottles either.
    Can anyone possibly direct me to a thread, or even recommend something you supplement yourself?
    Thanks, to all for the help.
    - O.Z.
  2. I don't know of any way to suplement with silica organically, i use Plant Magic Bio-Silicon and its wicked.

    Another good one is Rhino Skin maybe go compare the ingredients in each of those then compare those with other brands.
  3. Rice hulls make great aeration and break down into silica, among other things.
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  4. Soluble silica powder cheap at too. Save some money
  5. Agsil silica is a powder, recycle sil is also and these would be cheapest option. If you don’t wanna mix get dyna gro protekkt. These will give you the most silica for your buck.

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  6. I use Mad Farmer , was 13.00 at the local hydro shop
    The guy at my shop said it's pretty much all the same [​IMG]

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  7. Awesome.
    Thanks, all of you. I will more then likely use rice hulls for now, (completely forgot that was a natural form of silica :confused::confused:) Since I am going for a no-till.
    I appreciate all the replies from each of you.
    I will also look into some of the other products as well for the future , (that soluble silica will definitely be useful) :biggrin::biggrin:
    I hope to see you guys come harvest time, no way I could’ve done this grow without all the awesome ppl on this site, like yourselves :thumbsup:
    Will definitely keep my threads updated.
    Big thanks again everyone!
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  8. Get yourself some Langbenite it has Potasium; Magnesium & Silica. It’s a mineral and organic so it won’t cause burning. Can be amended into soil directly or topdressed.
  9. I actually just went to the hydro store the other day to get silica, and the guy gave me some Langbenite and a few other things, for free! :biggrin::biggrin:
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  10. Emerald Harvest
    for silica and cal/mag
    canna for everything else
  11. If you got the cash, go with power-si. I’ve had amazing results with it. Pretty pricey though

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