Natural, showerhead and tree perc, oh my! (Pics + Milkshot)

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    A little while ago, I bought a natural perc/stemless Dirty Rico tube from a local head shop that had a showerhead disk at the entrance of the natural perc, and the thing hit like heaven. Thing is, when I purchased it there was a 12 arm tree perc version that I couldn't afford, so I always said I would only sell the one I bought if I were going to upgrade.

    I finally did.

    Went into the store and saw it today, and just decided it was time. I bought the 12-arm tree perc with the bent neck instead of straight one, got home, and filled it with water... only to find it to leak down from the percs :mad: Went back to the store and exchanged it, but they only had one bent neck so I had to get a straight one, which is whatever.

    Got home, enjoyed it, and now that it's close to 1 A.M. something in my mind told me it was time to take some pictures. So excuse the shitty lighting, my phone has an 8MP camera so it helped but the flash put a bad glare on it.

    Here is a milkshot also, before you all ask for one. :bongin:


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  2. looks pretty nice, how much was it?
  3. $300.
  4. I probably shouldn't post my threads so late because they end up on the second page by the time I wake up lol.

  5. thats my dream bong :$ or a 2011bc with something like, bubbbbllllllleeeesssss
  6. Damn dude are those percs gridded?

  7. Nah, just nice slits on the showerhead + arms.
  8. Looks pretty sick. Enjoy.
  9. [​IMG]

    hella nice bong op. you even posted milk.
  10. Appreciate the +rep. I knew sooner or later someone would demand a milker so I decided to just get it out of the way :smoking:
  11. Here's a buddy of mine ripping the new glass, with the camera a little bit closer than last time.

    [ame=]Friend milking the 12-Arm Dirty Rico - YouTube[/ame]
  12. hey man do u need water in hte bottom chamber for the shower head to work. for some reason it looks like one of them bottom drys . if u havent yet try the hit with no water in the bottom
  13. I haven't tried and don't intend to. That defeats the purpose of both the natural perc and the showerhead, no? ;)
  14. Great piece for sure dude +rep

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