natural pot?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by doobiescoo31, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. so i'm strolling around this wooded area, looking for a nice spot to plant some seeds to see what happens and i come across a lovely sight. now, i'm not positive on what these wonderful looking plants are, but i'm pretty sure they're mary jane. this is where all you knowledgeable people come into play. if you can, please tell me if this is what i think it is, or not. cause i'd be so incredibly happy if they were pot.

    pic 1:

    pic 2:
  2. Hey! Those are my plants! Get yer hands off 'em :p

    Seriously though, I dunno if that's MJ -- that grow tip looks rather funny, and the leaves look really waxy. Some old-timer garden growers around here grow this plant that has leaves that look similar to MJ, but the plant makes "normal" looking flowers, and they use it as camo around their real plants. Perhaps that's what it is, but in the wild?
  3. i guess it was important to say that these were taken right after it rained, with a flash on the camera.... lol, sorry bout that guys

    the only thing i can see that'd make me say it isn't pot is the fact the leaves are really edgy and the point isn't to a uh... point... lol
  4. most definately not marijuana, it is a wildflower of some sort. if you look at the second pic, you see buds from the flower, you can also see that there are only three leaves, the bottom two are devided into two parts
  5. my feelings? Not pot...:(
    but alas when they finally flower just dry the flowers and smoke a little bit and tell us what

  6. nope sorry, i think its virginia creeper.

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