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Natural Ph Up & Down?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by IGotLuv4Bud, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. I read something a while back that talked about natural things to take ur waters Ph up and down... I think one was vinegar, but I don't remember if that took it up or down... I tried to search it, but I didn't find anything... Thanks:smoke:

  2. Vinegar us highly acidic it will bring the PH down.

    Baking soda or lime will bring it up.

    I only went through the process once and was shocked to see how little baking soda it takes to adjust PH in a gallon of water. Mix a tsp with a gallon of water then use that PH up solution with a dropper on the gallon of water to adjust. Keep checking the PH as you add a few drops. You can do the same thing with straight vinegar as your PH down solution.

    Perhaps others will have more specific recipes.
  3. baking soda should only be used in a tight situation.Using it regularly will cause sodium build up.a 50/50 mix of dolamite and rock lime.is a better bet for raising soil ph.Ideally lime would be added when the soil is mixed.Another natural way to drop PH is to mix fresh ground coffee into the top 1-2 inch's of the soil.sulfur works well to in healthy soil,not as well in unhealthy soil as sulfur has to be broke down by bacterium to create sulphuric acid.A properly mixed soil with a proper feeding regimen will almost never need to be adjusted down.

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