Natural pesticide for flowering plants

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  1. I need some kind of solution that I can mix up real quick at home and spray on my budding plants every now and then to keep the bugs off

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  2. Doctor Enzymes is good flying death is good as well. Insecticidal soap if you get thrips and spider mites.
  3. NEEM oil?
  4. Can I get it at wal mart?

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  5. Wal Mart carries all kinds of garden accessories. I'm sure they have NEEM and probably insecticidal soap.
  6. Neem should only be used veg. Use dr. Bronner's pure Castille soap. 1 tsp per gallon at dusk or late day or near lights off. Rinse plants next am.
  7. Truth
  8. Neem should only be used veg. Use dr. Bronner's pure Castille soap. 1 tsp per gallon at dusk or late day or near lights off. Rinse plants next am.

    I use neem up to two weeks in flower with no problems. Have for the last few years. 1/2t neem oil drop of soap (I use Agsil16 potassium silicate) as a emulsifier. I also add Aloe vera. Natural insecticides and fungicides
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  9. I like essential oils spray. In a spray bottle with a few drops of dish soap i add drops og lavender, lemon, rosemary, peppermint etc ... and spray my girls every so oftem when lights are out or sometimes on. Deters pests amd makes the groom smell nice
    Works best for prevention ... when theres an infestation of mites (id add neem oil also) this keeps it at bay or may get rid of it
    Happy growin yo

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    I've been using Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew..Says ok for veggies so.....(I hope..LOL)
    I saw a gnat ONCE last month, then after spraying no more..:)
    I used it last grow too as a preventative (indoors)
  11. Ooh I like the idea of dr Bronner's. ALL ONE! Love reading those ravings on the bottle.

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  12. Just soaped my girls again.

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  13. FYI, Neem oil has a lot of waxes and stays viscous at a higher temperature than a lot of other oils which contributes to its persistance in the finished product. For example, at my extraction lab we won't use neem-treated material because it gunks up the distillers. This is after being run through a centrifuge and filtration. So if you plan on extracting your herbs, I'd suggest using other methods suggested here.

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  14. Quite a terrific thing to say

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