Natural Percs

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  1. I'm curious. What exactly does a natural perc do? How does it compare to a dome or tree etc (preferences)? I'm thinking about getting a tube for my new place and I found a reasonably prices nice natural perc tube. Can I slap on a nice inline/ash catcher and bingo amazing fit?
    this should work as an example.  the bottom of that tube is a natural perc,
    i dont know how to word it....damn it im high
  3. Hmmm. I'm still confused. I understand the natural downstream (built in downstem) but what the natural perc is more of a splash guard type deal?
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    A natural perc is a type of perc that functions based purely on the natural shape/construction of the piece versus forcing or channeling the water through an apparatus to create diffusion.
  5. [​IMG]
    the water blocks the air passage so when you draw air it has to move the water and creates a natural percolation

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