Natural Methods Of Reducing Sex Drive (Men)

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  1. This might sound like a silly question as I know there are people suffering from low sex drive who need more help than me but I feel like it's interfering with my life. I'm not a teenager and I'm not a sex addict but I'd like to not get horny as often. I always feel like I've wasted my time after I'm finished. I don't have a partner at the moment but that's not the problem. I just don't enjoy masturbating.
    Please don't hijack my thread with jokes. This is not a joke thread. I'd like to make my life more productive by masturbating no more than once or twice a week rather than everyday.

  2. I pester my woman to fuck everyday... I could lower my sex drive.
  3. just don't spank it?
  4. Flesh Light
  5. I suppose it was too much for me to expect serious replies to this thread...
  6. What do you call a man who cries while he masturbates?
    A tearjerker.
    Taking a female hormone (estrogen, I believe) will reduce your sex drive. But I doubt you'll find a doctor anywhere who will do this, nor would you probably want it. It will reduce your facial hair and other male characteristics.
    My neighbor has this done, but he has recurring, advanced prostate cancer and this is the only option left for him. Prostate cancer cells feed on testosterone, so reducing it by adding estrogen keeps the cancer cells at bay.
    Jerking off is a natural part of life. Enjoy it while you can.
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    You're the first poster to actually give an answer. I was sort of hoping for an easily accessible solution which wouldn't have any negative side effects, though. Maybe there are no alternatives to masturbating =/
  9. My T levels are a little lower then usual, i can take a natural supplement to get it to just low of normal but if i do that my mind is just all over the place with sex, i think its a gift to be honest i can focus on shit without having to block out the desire to shoot loads left and right, i don't understand how people who take steroids function as normal human beings in society. 
  10. Get a girlfriend then
  11. Getting a girlfriend doesn't reduce someone's sex drive...
  12. No, you are correct. You have to marry her.
  13. same predicament. you just gotta focus more on personal goals. i usually jerk off when i'm bored, on the internet too much, i am home alone, any excuse really. sometimes when you're even slightly horny you just wanna force out that wank brah
    sometimes i get off 0-1 times a day, sometimes 3-4. it really varies. but i tend to have a clearer mindset when sex isn't in my thoughts. when i had a girlfriend we still fucked all the time and i would jerk off
  14. Take cold showers when you feel like jacking off, having an uplifting song that takes you in a spiritual sense to sing when feeling the temptation is good, and just avoid being idle. Also what sort of music you listen to and what tv you watch has a huge impact on how much sex is on your mind. I'm right with you dude
  15. You have to distract yourself. If you're too busy to remember to masturbate, you won't.
  16. You don't want to reduce your sex drive. That'd be the worst thing you could do. A high sex drive is healthy for males.
  17. Dont be like that
  18. You could eat soy, it contains estrogen.

    It will interfere with your testosterone levels, which should decrease sex drive.
  19. Get laid on the regular. For example, become one of two willing participants in a monogamous sexual relationship.
  20. One thing that has really helped me is just not masturbating. Once you occupy your mind with something else it won't be a priority. I actually am trying to learn a language and have planned a vacation. Just by doing that I pretty much have put my sexual wants on the back burner. Both are very time consuming.
    You can also have sex with a disgusting person, but that might scar you for life

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