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  1. See its like this. I've just germanated about a dozen seeds, and I'm ready to plant which I will do tomorrow when my parents go to work. I have a closet with no vent, or air curculation. So I'll have to leave it open to let fresh air into it, and the light I have in there is pretty bright so my parents have a chance of finding it. I was wondering if I could leave the plants outside during the day and let them get some natural light and before they get home I could return them to the closet. Does this seem like a good plan or not? If you don't want to write anything I'll make a poll of yes or no.
  2. the only problem with that is that while the plant is outdoors it may get bugs of some kind on it.....and when you take it inside, the natural predators of these bugs may not get to come in as well......or may only attack the pests after a period of if the pests got on it in the wild, they may be on it for a few weeks before the predator of them could possibly end up with that as a problem, but i guess you could allways deal with it 12 plants and they will smell them before they see them.......Peace out....Sid
  3. Well, bugs arn't really a problem in my area so i think we'll be cool there.. But you have brought up a good point about the smell.. What are my options, ie. masking, venting, etc?
  4. A/ carbon filter over an extractor
    B/ bounce sheets over an extractor

    but you don't have an extractor do you?.....possibly, a glade plug in, but you're still gonna smell them......Peace out....Sid
  5. Yeah smell is the big problem. Your parents may seem old and straight to you , but almost everyone has been exposed to that beautiful smell at least once in their life and will recognise it immediately.
  6. They will smell it.

  7. he is not talking about mosquitos, or flies or anythign like that man, these are bugs that are very very tiny, and you will not notice them usually until too late, they are usually on the underside of the leaf ; im talking about, yes, mites. *grinds teeth thinking about mites*

    these are the things that make your bud sizzle when you light it and it sounds like bacon grease, thats you smoking their casings.

    not really the main concern though i know; the smell's gonna fuck you.

    consider outdoor growing totally

    if you have a spot where you can put plants during the day why not just keep them there all the time, i mean you cant seriously wait for you parents to go to work and then just stash them outside and then get home before them every time. plus with another one of bush's new laws it encourages gay meter people and postage handlers and all that too "actively keep an eye out" for pot and stuff.

    so you cant just leave them out on the back patio, dont fuck your parents house over you know? not worth it.

    well im high that was a lot of babblign sorry.

    stay cool guys grown your own smoke
  8. Ok, on the outdoor growing, is there enough hours of light in the day to keep the plants happy? -Gonna go get lit-
  9. is nearly time to plant outdoor.....once the last frost has cleared.....i don't know where you are or the average temp at the moment, but i know a lot of people in the states are aiming for 4/20.......probably because of the irony of out....Sid

  10. to let you in on a little hint, *come close i have to whisper*
    marijuana originally only grew outdoor

    j/k i know what you are asking

    i live in so cal and san diego area specifically and i am germinating now, but im a little late

    i will trans. outside in a couple weeks.

    hope this helps
  11. Move out! Get own Place! Grow as much as you want! Love the SmeLL!!!

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