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Natural Law and Biax Flouros. w/sugar on top.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SuiJuris, Aug 28, 2002.


SHould Nubbins Avatar be Suppressed?!

  1. Yes, Im tired of sheilding my eyes...

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  2. I like beans.

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  3. I like beans.

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  4. I like beans.

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    Found this site stumbling around on altavista...trying to find light base differences.... Im ignorant. so whats your point. But Have you heard of the product they offer and what do you think by thier specs.? worth getting for a small grow area?


    FOr those of which "human insanity" is still contraversial I suggest they say these two words aloud together: 'Illegal Plants' can anyone tell me whats wrong with this phrase. THose who vote, support everything this and all sick governments and associated covert societies do to the masses, whether or not they actually DO support, after all, its the patriotic thing to do, is it not?. They pay the bribe money under the TDC (no not tHc, TDC: Threat Diress and Coersion) tactics they imploy every fucking day, but most willfully hand it over as it makes them feel is these that make it hard if not impossible for the we' to live freely amongst eachother without fear. Not being able to get high is just a small issue, obviously. The people that produce a little human for the purpose of or at least encourages or supports the 'army' or any other branch of the war games, have serious issues that will never be resolved and will only further complicate matters for those who try to live by the laws of nature. I hope I live to ride the globe shift...its gonna be the most fantastic thing I will ever witness, to see all the insanity shaked off like a bad case of fleas. The earth is due for a cleansing and there is no time better than now. to me anyway.

    they really are insane momma.

    Sui Juris

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