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  1. Hey Guys, Hows it going?

    I work at a dispensary in Vancouver, Canada, and am really into Cannabis as well as Herbal medicine/Supplements. Since it is a medicinal dispensary and not recreational, I have been bugging my manager for a little while now to carry health products other than Cannabis. Weed is so synergistic with other plants, that it only makes sense to carry other herbal products to offer alongside our selection of Cannabis-derived products. She finally gave me the green light and said that if I select 5 Natural Health Products that we will carry them in our shop.

    I’ve got 3 products already selected (which you can read about in detail below) and I am still looking for two more. I am hoping to find an Herbal Pain Relief Product, as well as an herbal energy blend (Looking for something that is predominantly Ginseng & Rhodiola, but I am open to suggestions).

    Do you have any thoughts on the products I’ve already selected? Perhaps you have a preferred brand, or a reason why they should not be included?

    Do you know of any Herbal Pain Products or Energy Products that you have had a positive experience with?

    I guess the big question is What natural health products would you want to see sold alongside Cannabis in a MMJ Dispensary?

    To read a little synopsis on the three I’ve chosen see the text below. Any input is appreciated!

    Thanks in advance :)


    Stress Relief / Adrenal Support

    MegaFood: Adrenal Strength

    The prevalance of stress in our fast paced western culture is undeniable. So much so that stress related conditions account for an estimated 75% of doctor visits. Although Cannabis is a god-send for melting away the stress of our daily lives, it only acts as temporary symptom management. The best approach to combatting stress is not addressing the symptoms, but instead to strengthen the systems that control your stress response. This adaptogenic blend of herbs directly targets the adrenal glands. Although you may have never heard of them until now the health of these little glands profoundly impacts your well-being. Your adrenal glands sit on top of your kidneys, and are responsible for producing stress-related hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, and many others. By strengthening your adrenals, you increase your bodies tolerance to stress. Especially living in the city, life is go go go and it wears down your adrenal glands until they are having difficulty performing there role in the body. When the adrenals are taxed the system becomes easily over-whelmed. Taxed adrenals is exactly what this MegaFood Adrenal Strength formula addresses. Taken regularly this formulation will give your adrenals exactly what they need to regain a state of balance. With an endocrine system in good shape everyday stresses won’t have you running on reserves and reaching for that joint at the end of the day, like a glass of water in the desert. Preventative is always better than a symptom management based approach. And hey, its not like you need to stop smoking Cannabis, but perhaps it can be for leisure instead of your only land-line to sanity.

    Anxiety Reduction / Sleep Aid

    Botanica: Kava Root Phytocaps

    Since ancient times Kava has been consumed ceremoniously throughout Oceania, and in recent years has become one of the most well-researched & time-tested herbal anxiety products on the market. For many people, Cannabis is their go to herbal product for combatting anxiety & stress, yet it is not suited for all situations. For settling nerves before a job interview or a first date it is not necessarily appropriate to use cannabis. Kava offers the same level of relief without interruption of your regular cognitive functioning, when you need to relieve some pressure while remaining on point. Perhaps you are trying a new strain of marijuana, since everyone is so unique you don’t know what your personal reaction will be to this strain. Having Kava in your tool-kit you can combat any paranoia or nervousness brought about by a strain that was not suited to you. For those suffering from panic attacks It is immensely powerful to have a dependable product such as Kava at your disposal to know you have your bases covered in any situation; work or play. Not only have studies shown time & time again how effective Kava is at treating anxiety, but it has shown its benefits also extends to those suffering from Depression and Insomnia. Not to mention the synergism created when Kava is mixed with Cannabis. This is one of the top three plants I have ever come across, and it has helped me get through many difficult chapters of my life. There are so many Aura patients that I know this would help provided they had the opportunity to try it.

    Replenishing a Taxed Dopaminergic System / Cannabis Cessation Aid

    Natural Stacks: Dopamine Brain Food

    In our minds, we can all conjure up an image of a stereotypical chronic cannabis user. Stoned in front of the TV, with a half eatten bag of cheetos lying next to them. Too lazy to do anything, but smoke their days away. Although this blatant stereotype is clearly untrue of the vast majority of cannabis users, there are some kernels of truth that can be found within it. Multiple scientific studies (One study here) show that chronic Cannabis use negatively impacts proper Dopamine Transmission in the brain. Although there are many high-functioning Cannabis users it is true that decreased dopamine function due to prolonged use has been linked to apathy/lack of motivation. Also when used chronically, your emotional homeostasis becomes dependant on the dopamine release from Cannabis. For those attempting to quit it can be exceedingly difficult, as without the externally initiated dopamine release it is common for patients to become depressed and lose their motivation to go out and take on the world. This product is perfect for Cannabis users looking to quit, but don’t want to put themselves through un-necessary mental/emotional grief. Dopamine Brain Food by Natural Stacks provides your body all the building blocks & pre-cursors necessary for your systems to naturally produce its own dopamine. A break from cannabis use combined with this product can help bring back your motivation & mood to their natural state.

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