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Natural Born Killers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stoned_soldier, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Has anyone seen this movie? It was written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Oliver Stone. Anyways.. did anyone think this was a great movie or what? Just the symbolism in this movie is fuckin deep.. The demon/snake.. and how much a culture can influence people in two completely different ways. Any thoughts on this movie?
  2. yea I saw it like 3-4 years ago, don't remember much to be able to comment on it really... I thought it was done with a pretty low budget, but still good. haha, in the end, "but we gotta kill you" - to the camera man
  3. Did you know.....the movie is actually based on Woody Harrelson's Father?....Who by the way is still alive and doing time in a Maximum Federal Prison.

  4. "Charles Harrelson, 60, is serving two life sentences for Wood's murder and is incarerated at the Administrative Maximum Penitentiary in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the nation's "most secure" prison, just south of Denver. For reasons of security, he was brought to Denver for the hearing and a judge flown in from Texas.

    The murder of the judge, known as "Maximum John," is considered a watershed in America's war on drugs. Wood was famous for tough sentences meted out to drug dealers, and prosecutors maintain that the elder Harrelson was hired by a drug dealer to kill the judge before he could hear his case.

    Harrelson claims he was in Dallas, more than 250 miles away, when the judge was slain. His lawyers are trying to get the conviction overturned on the basis that Harrelson was poorly represented at his trial."

    Damn, thats crazy. I never knew that.
  5. Ya, great movie, violent as fuck haha. Its so funny watchin Woody Harrelson playing a badass after seeing him in movies like White Men Cant Jump. Its been awhile since I saw that movie, I should rent it or something.
  6. wow, I didn't know that.... yeah that is something. I wonder if they said anything about it near the credits?

    Yeah, and seeing him in Cheers too (a slow guy)

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