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  1. Hey GC, sadly im starting a grow late this year. Going to put seeds in the ground on June 1st, I'm well aware that my yield will be effected. 
    However i do not have the financing to go all out and make my own soil. Im just going to amend the native soil and I live in eastern Kansas. My question is what should i add and in what amount to each plant space? I'm planning on wormcastings and perlite( how much?) but im not sure what else. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks 

  2. 30% Peat
    30% Perlite
    20% EWC
    20% Native
    thats cheap and easy. Im sure more ppl will chime in with different amounts, and different ideas, but thats just cheap basic mix.
  3. Thanks for the input! How would one go about measuring it all into the right ratio?
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    use a solo cup. 1 full cup = 10%
    3 cups of peat moss
    3 cups of perlite
    2 cups of ewc
    2 cups native soil.
    Depending on how much of each your going to be using, substitue the cup for a bowl, a bucket, a pot, whatever you have handy.
    some people measure with 5 gallon buckets if u need alot!
  5. Thanks! 
  6. Good calltweakz great simple mix. Adding kelp andalfalfa will help u too. Wouldnt ever grow without castings, kelp, or alfalfa.
  7. he said cheap! to all us NON-CALI people, kelp and alfalfa are not something we can buy at the local 7/11 LOL... Just curious rd, but kelp = seaweed? and explain alfalfa a little to me =d
  8. Shit u can get kelp and alfalfa almost anywhere and it goes a long way. Alfalfa is a grass that is a biodynamic accumulator likekelp. Meaning they have all the nutes required forplantgrowth. Kelp especially has been proven to have everything neccessary for plant growth by itself andu cant burn with it I throw a pinch in any poti tplant into with some fresh castings. Especially whenusing bagged soil.
  9. Kelpmeal is slightly different then the seaweed that is used for liquids like maxicrop but basically the same.
  10. i use neptunes harvest fish hydro + seaweed. Does that contain/is it kelp possibly?
  11. Its probably ascophyllum nodosum thats the species of seaweed that is used most of the time its what bioweed from genorganics is andmaxicrop. I like bioweed its coldprocessed.
  12. Sorry to butt in, RD what form is the alfalfa your talking about. I've been reading about people using it but I havn't caught what form it is when mixing with the soil. I feed my horses alfalfa every day.  

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