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  1. I've been wondering, and since I've been studying Biology for quite sometime, I pretty much know the basics of all the different climates/biomes/ecosystems/etc . I live in a deciduous forest that experiences the 4 seasons and the northeast has been known for having very fertile soils due to all the decaying plant matter and leaves from during the fall. The soil here is very rich in humus, so wouldn't that mean it wouldnt be bad to grow plants in the native soil? There's plant growth everywhere in the forests around here, the ground is literally green (not grass) with so many random plants.

    So that pretty much means we have good native soil, right? :hello:
  2. I live in Connecticut, which is a very similar climate to Pennsylvania. From what I have heard from other local guerilla growers (this is my first year) is that the soil is full of nutrients and other crap that's good for the plants. also, my plants seem to be doing wel so far.
  3. Yeah that's pretty good for me then :D I'm a bum, im not really into digging huge holes and filling them with "good" soils, nothings better than mother nature :D
  4. I just scooped up a little hole with my finger and dropped the seed in, covered it up a little bit. Honestly you could just throw the seeds on the ground and very likely a plant will come up, its just more safe to put the seed in :)
  5. And how did that go Jiggernex?
  6. Eventually you will probably need to add nutes. MJ loves to deplete nutrients from the soil. You will probably need to replenish those nutes around the middle of the second month. Grow strong, folks.

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