Native American Names

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  1. SO three American Indians (not Indians from asia who have moved to America- the Native Americans) are born into the world as brothers one after the other in three years. One Indian brother one year, one another and the last on the third year.

    Anyway when their tribe was formed as a tiny offshoot of another tribe they decided to not have the ritual of the sweat box and fasting etc to bring their visions to them. Their visions (to anyone who knows a little about indian culture) dictated what their adult names would be. If they had visions of a black buffalo drinking water it would mean that the medicine man would interperate their dream and give them the adult name "black buffalo drinking" or something. Back to the joke; the tribe of these brothers said that they would be named after the first thing they saw on the first day that they were to become men. So on the elder son's first day he walks out into the world and sees a moon rising so he goes back into the Tipi (sp?) and says to his mother and father.
    "I have been named, by the Great Spirit, Pale Moon Rising."
    "Wonderful," they say "our son is now a man with a beautiful name."

    So the next year the other Son goes out and looks about him on the same day he sees the sun setting.
    "I have been named, by the Great Spirit, Red Sun setting."
    "Wonderful," they say "that is truly a great and magnificant name. The great spirit must have much in store for your life."

    So the final son goes out into the world and looks about him. He walks back into the Tipi.
    "What has the great spirit named you?" His parents say.
    The indian looks at them and says....

    "Two dogs fucking."
  2. Do you critters allways have to play god with your mod status?
  3. That was funny, Switch!!!!!!!

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