National Medical Marijuana Week Plans

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    Tucson AZ NORML (520) 323-2947
    New Federal Building at NOON on Tuesday 2/18 with as many people as possible. The address is the Southwest corner of Congress Street and Granada.

    Phoenix- David, Ross 480.835-1005
    2/18 Protest & direct action planned at DEA office in downtown Phoenix

    Chico- Kim, (530) 894-0832; Leanne (530) 893-4595

    Del Norte- Lenda, 707-465-6133

    Guerneville- John,, (707) 869-2669
    Informational direct actions throughout the week. In celebration and completion of 2-15
    week we plan to secure our initial public meeting space as ASA-Guerneville/ Russian River Area. We are also going to table/outreach all week at two different locations in the russian river area.

    LA- Angelo, 213-422-0958
    Community party 215, Evict the DEA on 2/18

    Modesto- Paul, 209.765.8025

    Oakland/Berkeley 510-486-8083
    Saturday, Feb. 15
    +Dispensaries holding an Open House for city officials, public health officials, and union representatives, and other allied organizations.
    +Fundraising banquet in Berkeley
    Tuesday, Feb. 18
    +Evict the DEA - Oakland Federal Building rally at noon
    Wednesday, Feb. 19, 7 pm
    +UC Berkeley teach-in/ patients' forum

    Orange County- Rick, (714) 469-8137
    2/18 Noon at the Federal Building in Santa Ana

    Placerville- Larry, 530. 647-8103
    Demo at DA's office, 14th & 15th;

    Redway- Karen, (707) 923-7292
    Medical Marijuana Garden Guidelines Forum
    Feb. 15 2-5 pm
    Mateel Community, Redway
    The Science Behind the Safe Access Now (SAN) Medical Marijuana Guidelines
    How the 100-Square Feet canopy guidelines works-indoors & out. How to
    measure and determine the canopy. Wy 99 plants? How do SAN guidelines
    compare to the proposed Humboldt County guidelines?
    Chris Conrad, Author and court qualified cannabis expert and newly
    elected DA, Paul Gallegos will take part in this forum.
    Free Admission. For more information or to volunteer 707-923-7292

    Riverside County- Lanny, (760) 799-2055
    MAPP will join with other Riverside groups to conduct an informational protest beginning at 12 noon at the DEA offices in Riverside at 4470 Olivewood.
    Those of us in the Palm Springs will be meeting at 10 a.m. to car pool to Riverside.
    Please let me know if you are planning on going and if you will need a ride or if you can provide one. If you have any questions or need more information, either email me back or call me at 760-799-2055.

    Sacramento- Amanda, (916) 628-2716; Aundre (916) 320-1399
    Start Red & Green Ribbon Week
    - Street theater and/or Standing in front of Federal Building Wearing a Message…”Stop arresting California Medical Marijuana Patients”

    San Diego- Michael (619) 685-7505
    San Francisco, Robyn; (415) 820-1517
    All Week: Wearing of green ribbons
    Click for the SF Schedule!

    Santa Barbara- Jacob, (805) 252-6580

    San Jose- Alan,; Dennis (408) 269-7432
    Evict the DEA 2/18 at Noon. 1 N 1st St. Suite #405. This is on the corner of 1st St. and Santa Clara.

    Santa Rosa- Mary,, (707) 548-7582


    Yolo County- Francisco, (530) 668-0659

    Boulder - Lauren 720.472.4781; Adam,

    Washinton, DC
    Washington DC- Alexis, (202) 232-8997;
    Adam; Jen
    2/18 8-9:30am at the Federal Courthouse (Pennsylvania Ave) to hand out leaflets designed to inform jurors and the general public that they should acquit in any marijuana case because they are not going to be informed as to whether the person on trial is legitimately using or providing medical marijuana.

    Tallahassee- Chris, (850) 224-0868

    Miami- Jodi, (321) 253-3673;

    Tampa- Anthony: 1-888-210-0425
    - Florida Cannabis Action Network will be having a rally in front of the office of the Tampa DEA's office at 4950 East kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL It will be held from 2:30 PM until at least 3:30 PM, but we intend to catch rush hour traffic with our signs

    Chicago- Abby,, (312) 421-3232

    Wichita- Debby, (316) 681-1743

    Western Mass- (413) 527-5949- Springfield & Worcester DEA offices

    Boston- (401) 737-7057
    2/18 – EVICT the DEA, 11:30 a.m. at the Boston Regional office. JFK Federal Building, 15 New Sudbury St

    Palmyra- Bill, 207.938-5909

    New Jersey
    Newark- Dan,
    -2/18 Noon at DEA at the Gateway Centre.

    New York
    New Paltz- Jen,, (845) 486-7199

    New York- Jesse, (631) 592-0570

    Cleveland- John, (216) 521-9333

    Columbus- Sean
    - 2/18 Noon DEA Columbus Office, 500 S Front St

    Oklahoma City- Norma, (405) 321-4619

    Eugene- Dawn, (541) 346-7586

    Portland- Kathy (503) 774-1768; Anna, (503) 239-6110

    Philadelphia, Diane (215) 633-9812

    Pittsburg- Holly, 412-363-4303
    Our DEA action will take place between 11:30 - 12:30, Tues. Feb. 18th at the Federal Bldg. (corner of Liberty Ave. and Grant St., downtown Pgh

    Rhode Island
    Warwick- Tom, (401) 737-7057

    Knoxville- Rachel, (865) 482-7335
    - 2/18 - DEA Task Force 800 Market St. Knoxville, TN. We will be present from noon-1:30.
    - We'll be featuring a display on patients who have been harrassed, giant stop signs, and educational information. We have a display in the University Center of UT Knoxville from 10 Feb until 16 Feb.

    Austin- Karen 512-326-4396
    - 2/18 We will be in front of the Federal Building, 300 E. 8th St. from 12-1. Our plans are to do a mock eviction. We have a retired cop with LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, that will serve an eviction notice and tape it on the building while he does his speech. Working on getting the son of a recently convicted med. mj. pt. here in Texas to talk. I'll talk about the our joint peition regarding re-scheduling on mj. Hoping to have a Gray Panther speaker. Skit and music.

    Dallas- Keri (972) 644-8462
    -Feb. 18 Fed building downtown Dallas at 6:00pm

    Houston-, Steve (713) 783-5755


    San Antonio- (210) 829-4128

    Weslaco- David, (956) 968-3212

    SLC- (801) 262-1340


    Olympia- 206-417-6266
    -Saturday 15th rally in Olympia at the Washington State Capital. Patients and doctors will be on hand to talk to the press.

    Seattle - Jeremy 206-417-6266
    -Sunday: Tabling in Seattle
    -Tuesday: Day of action Protest at Seattle federal building. Patients and Physicians will be on hand to talk to the press. We will have a large (media and eye-catching) interactive map that will display all the cities that are having similar events that day. A few people will be handing out info to passersby and the rest will be equipped with coordinated signs.
    -Wed-Fri Events are still undecided.

    Madison- Gary, (608) 241-8922
  2. man..none of them are close to me
  3. I'll be in downtown Knox tomorrow for Evict the DEA day! Of course, they won't actually be evicted but at least they'll see that we mean business.
  4. Damned ,missed the Pittsburgh demonstration.

    But I did Email the local rep. ,and invited them to come to Grasscity ,to maybe join forces with some of our members.

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