National green ribbon week

Discussion in 'General' started by danalewis, Feb 12, 2014.

  2. neat, but shouldn't this be around 4/20
  3. yes...but i have to get the word out and about before then..only two months away!!!! also i am looking for any ideas on promoting my open to any and all advice...thanks!!1
  4. This is a great idea! I say start a twitter account for it! Ill support it

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  5. i just started a twitter..but dont know how to get it around when i just joined and only have one friend thus far on that media site?
  6. Sounds like a good way for cops to pursue you once they figure it out. No thanks.
  7. Though I won't participate whats the twitter link?
  8. As far as i know im not breaking any laws!!! Freedom of speech i think!!!
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  9. lol this is not true. Support of legalizing is not going to garnish any attention from law enforcement.

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    Never said you were, but one should have common sense that someone that supports legalization smokes pots. Therefor I'm sure they would find something to pull you over for to have a check.
  11. they really dont want that kind of attention these days. Im almost 90% sure that they will pay you no mind.

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  12. i am ok with that...i have a motto..if i couldnt take the heat...i wouldnt be standing in the!!!
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  13. What???
  14. So where is this twitter link?
  15. i apologize as i am still trying to figure twitter out...i have no idea how to share link..other than to tweet but wont my tweets just go to my frineds or people following me?? in the meantime here is a link to my video.. thank you for your support and i will update you with twitter info aasap!!!
    wow I completely missed the 4-20 part.  lol  nice
  17. Make a facebook page and have some marijuana/legalization pages share your idea. So lots of people can see it.
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    We have to contact Yoplait Yogurt, Coke, and Mary Kay to sponsor it so we can all get rich like the people who stole the idea of the pink ribbons from that old lady lol
    You actually literally made a mistake posting this here.
    Pink Ribbon Execs to Old Lady is Me to your idea.
  19. so what we smoke weed and tie green ribbon around trees on 420? i'm game.

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    just tie a ribbon around a tree in your yard on 4-20 and leave it for the week!! Thanks for your support!!

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