national geographic special on pot

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  1. its on right now here on the west coast
    dont know if it is anywhere else
  2. I watched it, it was pretty cool, and seemed to be at least neutral, if not seeming to side with the cannabis users
  3. watched it seemed like they sided with marijuana in the medical sense.
  4. yeah i missed like the first half but it was still pretty chill
  5. i ehard about it i wanna catch that show soon
  6. seen it..what i thought was funny was actually after the premier showing that the next two specials were on heroine and meth :laughing:...but unlike with the mj they were *obviously* not siding with those! the mj special they never once call it a drug :yay:
  7. the heroin one was really depressing. That dude that was walking around with his girlfriend barley had the sense to speak.
  8. It was a good flick but my fave part was th end when Lisa says "so if you had a seed that could produce paper, clothes, and fuel, along with having medicinal benefits would you just through it away?" great way to end the program. It was also pretty funny how high lisa got when she was hanging out with Marc Emery,eyes all red laughing here ass off.

  9. The reason they followed with heroin and meth is because during the marijuana episode they talk about how marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 drug next to heroin. Hundreds of thousands of people were arrested for mary jane and they are busting grow houses and shit left and right. To me they sided with marijuana and showed the out dated heroin episode to show that marijuana and heroin shouldn't be anywhere close to each other on a list of drugs. Nat Geo is one of the best channels out there. They almost always tell the truth and expose the wrongs. just my .02.
  10. Interesting. I'll try to find it online, anyone got a link?

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