National Freestyle Association (NFA) 2011-12 Season

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  1. The other one had too many pages to go through, so I started a new one. Plus the Nba lockout is looking ugly so it's time for a new sport. I'll start off with a revision I did in the other thread and go from there. Make sure you spit my verse in a rasta man voice.

    So Justin Bieber I hear you got some beef
    Well can't we just settle this over a bowl of Strawberry Queef
    I mean Strawberry Cough
    This freestyle's a bit off
    But don't worry muthafucka
    I'm the finest of the crop
    So what if I fisted Selena
    At least she ain't no bitch like you she accepted my Sativa - And Wiener into her world
    I made the toes curl
    Fuck around and might have to find yourself a new girl
    Cuz bitch, I'm steady throbbin on the puss
    You gon' make me steal yo hoe
    Or are you gonna sit down and smoke this kush - With me
    and stop leavin me hanging
    Either smoke this shit now Or we gon' get to fuckin swangin
    and makin a bloody pile out a punk ass kid
    Who's Boo hooin' cuz The Masta bout to steal his bitch
    Baby Oh...While I'm at it change her name from Selena to
    "My Puss Got pounded by a bigass Weena... compared to Bieber's"
    Fuck you son get with Rebecca Black
    You both suck asss Like when I had Selena in the back-seat
    I'm spittin heat
    You wishin we
    Ain't had no beef
    But muthafucka Left me hanging
    (So) leave you hanging it will be
    By the noose muthafucka
  2. Nah nah hoe it ain't even like that
    Don't try to swoop on my hoe
    Thinking that i wouldn't come back
    And bitch slap you
    Foo i will attack you
    With a volcanous splash that came out your own cock dude
    And sprayed you in the face
    Stung you like mase and gave ya ass a taste of what you should be swallowin
    You fuckin homo
    Yet you jacking off to my girl
    And i'm simultaneously puttin dick up in her pearl
    While you just watching it
    Strokin yo cock and shit
    And bust a nut while I get crazier wit her than in a mosh pit
    So just stop it
    With that wishful thinkin
    And step down to the playa that be really sinkin
    Up in selena
    Selena no my rhymes is cleana
    So back the fcuk up or end up wit a muthafucin adidas logo on yo face bitch
  3. As you acknowledged, there is a thread for this. No reason to spam more than one.
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