National Forest, State Forest, BLM, private timber, etc...which is safest?

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  1. I was wondering if anybody had any info about what public lands are safest to grow on. I know that YOU SHOULD NEVER GROW IN A NATIONAL PARK. And if you smoke in a national park, be very careful. There are no state laws to lessen the punishment. I have heard that national forests can be quite strict when they catch you in the same sort of way, but I'm not sure. I think state forests are better to get caught in. As for BLM, I don't know. I am afraid of growing on anything private, whether it be some old dude's 100 acres or owned by a timber company. I just figure them saying "they're not gonna get away with this! How DARE they do this on my land." I read some article about a guy growing 13 plants on private timber land and got caught by camera. I can't remember the exact way he was caught, but I think they came and searched his house(can't remember how they found out his address) and found something he had been wearing, or something. I believe in most publicly owned lands, the rangers or whatever would just toss the plants if there were only thirteen. They wouldn't set up cameras and sh1t.

    Anybody have any info? Anyone been caught before?....probably not. You'd probably be tired of getting into trouble and say "F*ck growing, and let us make the same mistakes you made.

    well, that's one more question from me that's likely to be unanswerable.
  2. Iv also wondered the same. Im leaning toward state parks.

    I can tell you I almost got busted growing on private property. I had a white widow plant which was at least 10 feet tall fall over in a storm and my buddy talked me into proping it up. Bad idea. Owner found it.
    If you do plant on private property.. Dont go back at all until its time to pick. In fact thats my policy on any outdoor grow.

  3. I grow outdoors on county land, which is used solely for timber production. I would say either that, or privately owned timber plots are the best. If you can get your hands on the harvest/regen reports that would be ideal. Find out wheather the regen is happening naturally or if they planted it. Natural regen is checked via airplane and planted regen gets a ground visit at 1,3, and 5 years. Then you can pick a spot where you know no one will be visiting to monitor. (this is how it is done in my region anyhow) Stay away from aspen regen (if you have aspen in your area) or any other poplar for that matter as these species are VERY RARELY planted, but allowed to regen through natural seeding. If you have access to GPS use that and make sure you stay away from any corners as these are the first things located by cruisers when taking a plot.

    I prefer to grow in bogs, spruce is my favorite because it is so hard to navigate. It is mucky, stinky, and ridden with bugs. No one wants to go out there for fun. Just don't follow the same way in every time because the soft ground leaves footprints if over traveled.

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