National Climatic Center US and Canadian Frost Chart

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  1. Here is the link for the Old Farmers Almanac US and Canadian frost charts. This is what i use to tell me approximately when its safe to start germinating and preparing soil and everything else i need to get ready for.


    Maybe this will help i noticed that all the repeat threads are people asking when can they plant or did they germ too early.
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    Nice post, i always use

    Gots canada and US:)

    I think its better because its not random, you can pick the state, and then from the citys in the state.

    And no popups that you cant click out of :p.
  3. I use to use Victory Seeds website until I found this one. Victory Seeds date is always way off for my area this one is usually pretty close. It has Canada, US and I think there is a link for some other countries too somewhere on there.
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    That helps, thanks !!!!!!!

    Got to say, this worries me a bit !!

    Last First
    7/12 8/19

    Not much of a window ! 36 days ?

  5. Damn....better get one of them autoflowering strains!!!? LOL
  6. Looks like you need the autoflower strains or create a super plant to finish that quickly or do 90% of your stuff indoors... that guide is good, but if you go and search for your state and frost charts most states and some universities in the states will have a gardening help page that displays more cities and more details on the last expected frost and the first frost dates.

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