Nat Geo Channel

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  1. Anyone else addicted to the Nat Geo Channel?
  2. hell yeah i love that shit
  3. Haha. I only find myself sitting watching that when I'm high. Ever since I started blazing all those channels are all the sudden amazing. Nothing like watching shows like planet earth, and all those crazy Nat Geo shows they have about science and nature and disasters and all that crazy ishhhh
  4. Nat Geo and the Science Channel are pretty much the only stations I watch. I can't stand the dribble that most channels offer.
  5. Its the perfect channel for stoners.
  6. I love Nat geo, discovery hd theater is pretty tight also.
  7. i just recently have been gettin into nat geo.. lots of dog whisperer though..
  8. HD made nature shows 1000 times better
  9. Love that channel and sci-fi.

    I rarely watch tv, even I have cable. :confused_2:

  10. For some reason dog whisper annoys me. The only series on nat geo that i dislike.
  11. Maybe your racist?

    Kidding... ;)
  12. it's a great channel but did they really have to shorten it down to Nat Geo?
  13. Yea, HD is fucking amazing. i can seriously watch any show on the history channel and be amazed, like The Universe.. that shows is sweet.

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