nasty wendeys today

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  1. I woke up after a long night and decided to pick up some wendeys. I ordered a 1/4 pound single and a med choclate frosty and im not too happy with the burger. The bottom bun was kinda soggy and the meat didnt seem too freash seemed like it was sitting in a water tray for a few hours.

    I regret eating it which i did because i was hungry and paid for it. Anyone else have anything simular like this happen. Do you all still eat fast food?
  2. What I say is, fuck fast food. Unless your high. But yeah that's why fast food sucks
  3. I found a finger in my food once
  4. I found a finger in my ass once... *sniff* :laughing:
  5. Uh...I eat this kind of shit all the time, and I'm only more muscular for it.
  6. Wendy's doesn't leave their burger patties in water, ever. They're either fresh off the grill or from a warming area, where they stay for something like five minutes before being put into a chili meat drawer. What probably happened is, they didn't have enough meat for your burger, didn't feel like cooking new meat, and so took a patty out of the chili meat drawer. Burgers get soggy in those drawers.

    You could complain, but it's a bad idea to complain to the service industry. Or at least, if you do complain, be nice about it.

  7. True. Spaz himself used to work in a wendy's. You probally got a chili meat burger, no biggie. Just ask for a fresh burger WITHOUT SALT. They gotta put a fresh one down, atleast at mine we did.
  8. The Wendys near me does always tend to be more soggy and greasy then other places.

    The BK near me has there fucking fries perfected. Its amazing how much better the BK is then the closest Micky D's and Wendys.
  9. Wendys has the worst burgers... Its funny they claim they have the freshest burgers but they are really much more well known for their chicken.
  10. wendys is never frozen meat and its made fresh. i need to eat some wendys now
  11. I used to work at Wendy's, and all of the burger meat is made fresh. I never once saw anyone take a burger from those designated "too cooked" and used for the chilimeat, and serve it in a burger. Not once, no matter who was on the grill. Unlike McDonalds, BK, etc., they are always fresh. Not sure what happened in your case, but I trust a Wendy's burger over any other major chain fasts food joint.
  12. Wendey's new chicken is bomb! and to get bad food at wendey's is about as rare as winning the lottery. At McDonalds or BK expect it.
  13. Not if you get a burger IMO. Chicken Club is BOMB though.
  14. I used to work at Wendy's too. And I saw a few grill operators - not including myself - use chili meat for burgers. They were rare occasions, but it does happen. Just because it never happened when you worked there doesn't mean it never happens at all.
    Also: Chili meat is not just "too cooked" patties, it's also patties that have simply been sitting out too long.

  15. Word :D
  16. fuck yea it is, its my favorite thing there and its the only thing there expect for the value menu every once in a while(crispy chicken, jr. bacon, or nuggets)
  17. I currently work at Wendy's and can confirm that we never use the chili meat for sandwiches. Sometimes we leave the meat on the staging area for a few minutes too long, but that's it.

    But everything about the chicken being fresh and all that is true. The grilled chicken is actually grilled, that shit blew my mind when I saw it. I always thought they just microwaved it or something....
  18. No, you fail. You're not SUPPOSED to use it, but that doesn't mean that some lazy late-night-shift fuckhead doesn't do it from time to time when the manager's not looking. Got it?

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