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  1. My buddies and I got real stoned last night and watched the Olympics. We were watching the gymnastics (USA choked but silver is good) and we were all just talking about the chicks on the team. I kept staring at Nastia Liukin...she is good looking and very talented (a world champion in fact). If you are unaware of who she is, here is a picture:


    Other girls on the team, including Shawn Johnson, were good looking as well. But something about Nastia gets my juices flowing haha. Anyone else catch last night?
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    Bro shawn johnsons like 15

    and i caught it, a girl i nicknamed "thick-neck" choked if off on the balance beam (they replayed her falling on her ass like 230982309823 times and it was so funny) and then she fell on her floor routine... and she like wanted to cry but she didn't

    maybe it's nastia's russian seductiveness that gets ya, plus her name's nastia which is kind of like nasty like OOH you know?

    some of them little chinese gymnasts have got some tight bodies man... mmm
  3. it just me or is her forehead abnormally large? and what going on with her hand? looks like shes missing a pinky? and wheres the titties? nasty is right.

  4. Just like I like 'em.
  5. She's definitely the fourth hottest on the team... behind Sacramone, Johnson, and that chick that sprained her ankle.
  6. You guys got no taste.
  7. these girls are way too young for you to b ogling them in any sort of sexual way. I'll give you that they are in good shape and ok so they're kinda good lookin but comeon lets praise these girls for their insane gymnastic ability, no homo.

  8. Old enough to grow hair, old enough to tear. hey, if the Chinese gov't says their of age......:smoking:
  9. "If grass on field, ball you shall play"
  10. Lukin is 19! How is that very young? Get a grip.
  11. You do know that Nastia Liukin is the daughter of the multiple Gold medal winner from Russia back in the day...the 80's I think, but he was the best in the world for many years & kicked our asses many times.

    & thats not realy a good pic of her, she's better looking than that pic reveals.

    Shawn Johnson is the World Champ & cute as a button, but she thinks her shit doesnt stink, & it just may not.

    At any rate...they are still just little girls in my opinion, & the girl that fell kinda got ripped...did you see how long they made her wait? The American girls are way better, they just had a bad night.
    You'll see just how good they are in the individual routines.
  12. OK I didn't know she was 19, my bad. Yeah shes bangin

  13. Now your mindset totally changes from "Hey, she's young, lets be mature here!" to "Let me get a peice of that ass!" :p

    I think Shawn is cuter. ;p
  14. Thick neck is hot as fuck, and is 24.....pedos!
  15. Nastia and Shawny-girl are both looking fine as hell tonight. Shawn's got that bunched up chipmunk face it's like OW!
  16. Me being a gymnastics coach (and huge fan) and knowing many of the girl's on the olympic team, I will tell you that Nastia just PERSONIFIES what gymnastics should be. Shawn is great but she has NO artistic ability what so ever. Just watch Nastia on beam or floor, she is a ballerina while pulling off two very difficult passes. Her form and extension is just beautiful and done to the max. Just sucks that she's not naturually powerful as that is the only reason why Shawn advances ahead of her with no finesse or adding beauty to the sport.
  17. Hell yeah, Nastia kicks ass, told'ya them girls were better. She is so pleasing to the eyes when she's twisting turning & splitting.
    Your right lando, she's like a little ballerina.

    [​IMG]No runner-up finish to her friend and rival this time. Nastia Liukin won the biggest prize of all.
    Liukin edged teammate Shawn Johnson for the all-around gold in women's gymnastics Friday in an intense matchup that lived up to its billing at the Beijing Games. Liukin finished with 63.325 points, a mere six-tenths ahead of Johnson, the reigning world champion who beat Liukin at the U.S. championships and Olympic trials only a few weeks ago.

    Yang Yilin of China won the bronze.
    Liukin paced back and forth as Johnson competed on floor, the final competitor of the day, clapping as her teammate floated high in the air. In the end, it was Liukin who soared. When Johnson's score was posted and Liukin saw she was the winner tears filled her eyes. Her father and coach Valeri grabbed her in a bearhug, squeezing her tight for several minutes.
    Valeri Liukin was a double gold medalist for the Soviet Union 20 years ago, but came up achingly short in a rivalry with his own teammate in the all-around.
  18. Im all up for the team USA choker Alicia Sacramone that caused them not to win gold. She's 20 and got a little sumthin sumthin.

    Old enough to go vertical & horizontal!

  19. Liukin has got that flexibility, it is amazing. I just heard of her a week ago and I want to be inside her already. *Runs to bathroom*

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