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    Is anyone else in the Nashville, Tennessee area having problems with getting dank since everything got flooded?
    My buddies very nice basement grow was completely submerged before anyone noticed.
    Including the jars that were curing not to far away.
    Thats the only dude I have know for past few years that had killer.
    And I ordered this nice new glass piece from shivadas a few weeks back that should be here next week...Im going to break that puppy in with some $120 an oz swag. Yippie.
    I havent been able to look in the stash jar part of the forums for a week....its depressing.
    Anyway, ill post some pics of bong when I get it.
    Luckily I am on top of a hill....but a few hundred yards down the hill you could float down the street.
    Fuck swag. :cry:
  2. Sealed jars of cured bud floating around? Go swimmin and find one!
  3. Not that easy man! Flooding took up the whole basement....they are floating somewhere down the cumberland.
    They came and got everyone in boats....couldnt get back home for a week.
    Had 7pm curfews out and all kinds of garbage.
    Craziest shit I ever seen. It was my first time being under a declared national disaster area.
    It is gone now. Though everything stinks....the insurance people are slowly coming around and cutting checks. Since our president elect Obama (boo) declared it a natural disaster, everything is covered even if you didnt have insurance.
    It will be about 4-6 months...but all will be well. Buying bud on the street sucks.
    Watch out if you plan on buying a used car in the south....the market will be flooded (pun intended) with a few thousand cars that sat under water for a few days.
    Actually, there prolly is cool stuff floating down the Cumberland.
  4. Oh yeah, they said to stay out of the water....not to play in it cause all the toilets & sewers were flooded. So basically you would be swimming in number 1 & 2.
    Swimming in poo isn't my forte. Not even for buds man.....
  5. In Nashville, but have not really had trouble finding any bud
  6. I;m having a hard time - everyone I know is flaking out or dead ends. HELP:cry::cry:
  7. alot of houses around me got fllooded but i live on a hill so i didint but i can get it now :smoke: what part of n ashville u live in

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