NASA Weather Error Sparks Global Warming Debate

Discussion in 'General' started by Liquidtruth, Aug 14, 2007.


    I am surprised NASA did not catch this.

    And just 'cause I can, here is a video to watch.

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    And an opposing view...

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  2. Wonder if we could have a urban dustbowl hell. Natural disasters are only getting better. Gaia don't like us.

    Can't deny the ice caps are melting though.
  3. i belive the earth is changing
    i belive we're not the cause
    this evidence supports my beliefs
    i am happy.
  4. So it's not happening anytime soon?
  5. Lets hope and pray the ice caps don't melt,cause if they do the evil Aliens the Alanteans trapped in there are gonna be free,and eat our souls!!!!! know there the good guys.....:rolleyes:
  6. We are not causing global warming. We are polluting our planet, but we are not causing global warming. Though, I of course could be wrong. :)
  7. lol, been watching a lot of Stargate there? :p
  8. qft haha
  9. No I've been reading into alot of new conspiracies lately,this one actually makes sense...

    P.S I'm more of a Star trek man ,I'm really into voyager now....

    Oh and with the global warming epidemic,all I gotta say is the ice is melting.No scientific evidence or device is able to debunk that fact.
  10. I think global warming is all apart of the plan to convince people to re-legalize hemp and make the people that make that happen look like saviors of the world...

    or it's just a plan to get us to limit our efficiency by making everything every company does "carbon neutral," which will of course cost more money and take more jobs and keep more people busy from learning the truth in this world.

  11. my thoughts exactally.
  12. Of course, the temperature of the planet fluctuates all the time. It is natural. Europe went through a mini ice age not to long ago, just a few decades ago people were worried about global cooling. So while yes, the planet may be warming up, if we are not the cause of it then that is a big piece of the puzzle that we need to fill in, because we might go and do some real stupid shit that we do not need to do to fix this non-problem. We seem to love fixing non-problems, while ignoring real ones. Polar bears are dying (1), not because the ice is melting and they are drowning (though that does happen), but because we use a lot of chemicals that are going up north, infecting their food source, and causing low birth rate and birth problems in the polar bear population. Bees are dying, frogs are dying (people blame global warming, but with the article posted above, how can that be? It has been happening for a long time), and we are worried about some minor temp change, that is not as bad as we were lead to believe? I think it is a non-issue and we should get to the source of the problem, and not look for silly symptoms to attack. If the flesh eating virus is crawling its way up your arm, you cut it off, not treat your hair for dandruff.

    We tend to see the world how it is today and imagine that is how it has always been. We see a change and we think it is a problem. What we fail to realize is the planet is changing all the time, and we can really do little about it. I do not know if I have found any truth, but there are many questions that remain unanswered when it comes to global warming... I mean, when the temp rises on Earth why do we blame forces on Earth without first taking a good hard look at the sun? *shrugs* Who knows.


    Since they (polar bears) are are at the top of the food chain, the persistent organic pollutants will build up over time in the polar bears' bodies in a process called bioaccummulation. The highest concentrations of many chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds have been found in polar bears of western Russia, Svalbard, and portions of the Canadian Arctic (Bernhoft et al. 2000; EDF, 2006). Polar bears may also be affected by the increased use of the Arctic coasts for oil drilling and other industrial ventures. Not only may new pollutants enter the environment from such development, but the regions where polar bears locate their land-based dens may be compromised. Not much is known about how and why polar bears choose certain areas for denning.
  13. We still are harming our planet.
    Global warming is still going on.
    We should take this opportunity as a breather and allow ourselves to be well prepared now for whatever may happen in the future.
    We still need to continue to green our societies, or one day we WILL face the consequences.
  14. all i have to answer to this debate is:


    seriously. talk about fucking sleeping on the motherfucking job.

    in all seriousness, whether or not this new finding of errors in nasa's data makes or breaks the major argument for global warming, it is still notable that whatever comes out of this whole "scare" the result will be good and the environment will only bennefit from our actions.

    this may not be a bad thing for either side, as it just goes to show that its OKAY to do things that are GOOD and MORAL no matter if its required or its just to do it. Im sure no matter what happens, our actions towards fixing "global warming" will benefit everyone.
  15. There should not even be a global warming debate. We should be taking better care of our environment. Thats the bottom line. If you think otherwise you are not thinking about the generations hundreds of years after our deaths that have to deal with our scum.
  16. Oh, I completely agree we should be taking better care of the environment, we should stop raping this planet. That ties in with our consumer driven economy as well. People used to buy socks and they would keep them, if they got torn, they would mend them. Now, we buy them to throw them away. A sock gets a hole in it, toss it away and buy a new pair. There are a lot of things we need to change, and there are not many people who give a shit enough to focus on real problems. Instead, we tackle non-problems, we are interested in non-issues, and we are driven by non-sense. :D
  17. I personally dont believe in Global Warming. In my opinion, what we're experiencing is nothing more than normal climate change.
  18. If that were true it would be very sad, very sad indeed.
  19. Everyone here needs to take a climatology class and learn something. iIm not trying to be an ass here but LT i hate seeing people talking of how the tempature changes are a "non-issue." In my studies i found that the mean global temps are going to rise only a few degrees in the next 20-30 years, however this all depends on our CO2 emmissions. We keep making cars and shit we dont need to run on gas/oil, the temps are going to go up. I mean some parts of the world are already hot. I know a degree here and there isnt a noticeable difference to lets say most, near where i live in the mid-west i probably wont notice. In places like the desert southwest US like AZ, and NV and some parts of CA. The temps there are rising more rapidily. a one degree mean is an average around the globe so some places could be maybe a 3-4 degree every 10 year difference, and in 50 years thats 15-20 degrees. Some plant/animal life cant take the heat change, i know humans wont be able to, unless we adapt at 3x the speed we are now. I just wanted to make this clear that we need to change our habits and save energy whenever possible to cut those CO2 emmissions, to really save our planet but mostly our race.
  20. Dont mistake me saying that this is just a climate change for me saying that this isnt important. Its VERY important, be it global warming or just a regular climate change.

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