NASA rocket launch live stream

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by VikingToker, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I dunno if this is gonna happen ... I'vebeen waiting for 2 hrs now..I don't get how a huge project like this is held up by a random boat...Didn't nasa think..'oh hey, what if a boat drives by?"
  2. Even NASA makes mistakes man, but it's pretty lol

  3. Looks like they'll make it with 2 mins to spare!
  4. whoo hoo! ...I hope they have good camera views of this and not just a big cloud of smoke lol.

    earlier when they were talking about how the test rockets were scrapped...that one dude sounded real disappointed..I bet there was a whole huge team working on the test rockets, then they're like 'nah we're gonna skip em' heh.

    I wonder who the hell was on that boat? haha..troll boat for sure.

    edit: DAAMMNNN that was quick as fu*k (flash, gone)
  5. Hahahaa! Yeah, they went up *fast*!

    That was really cool :D That RSO guy was stressed as fuck towards the end haha

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